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The Manager Of Walmart Wants You To Leave [Police Called]

OCR Street Ministry
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Published on 19 Nov 2022 / In Select Category

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 15 hours ago

3:30 in. had to stop to ask, will finish the rest in a min.
several things.
1 "Guy didn't know much English..."
Then you say, "...... that made him 'some type of way' and he just drove off..."
wtf does THAT mean?
THAT is not English. THAT is an expression that I have to interpret or look up somewhere for an interpretation of.
I am NOT on the side of foreigners in 90% of any case, but you blew it here, dude. You cannot criticize anyone's English if you do not speak proper English!
Not all of your followers are black (is that a black expression? "Some type of way"? WHAT type of way? Sounds like you meant to say "feel a certain way, or in a certain a 'mood'? idk.
But do not criticize unless your use of our language is better / proper.

Then you said, "God Bless you in Jesus' name".
Nice. Everything you said was nice.
"Thank you." - they were not trying to be assholes - they were also very polite, quoted the ordinance, left calmly.
Then you tell us to "stand by, the enemy is..."
What? What enemy? I Satan there? Is he doing something?

I do understand Walmart is evil.
They OWN Wayfair.
Wayfair trafficks/ trafficked children (look into the Pizzagate -- still happening, but, $12 THOUSAND DOLLAR couch pillows with the same name as girls on the missing children's list - AT THE SAME TIME, PLUS "only one available"...
(instead of trying to spread hatred between cops & us, go investigate THAT sht - SAVE some children!!!!!! More black kids go missing every year on Earth than any other group- Haiti & Clinton Foundation (let me guess - you voted for them).. ~ sigh ~.

You don't seem to be on their property, so how do they have a right to complain?
They don't seem to be aggressive, so why are you defensive?

The cops were MORE than polite. So when you said something about "the enemy" coming back, what??
Will finish, I may have had it wrong, as you were also super polite.

you are doing your Godly work.
THEY were not looking for a fight.
YOU were ready for one (in your head).
Knock it off.
God is watching you.
Jesus wants us to have that mild, passive spirit (I sure wish I did, I pray every day for His help, but I am not out there, preaching to others on how to behave), --- if you are to be acting as a teacher, a preacher, YOU must behave (AT LEAST in public) above reproach - which means you should watch it when putting yourself on video, online, expressing to us your true feelings to police who are TRYING to do their job - to respond to the Walmart manager, to be polite to you - the preacher & your rights....
tough balance.
Watch this again, and think.

I don't know where you are, but get online, find out where all the women are turning up missing. You could do SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT WORK (seriously, how many ppl are just sitting around in parking lots to listen to you?) if you quietly parked in the SAME lots, watching, saving ppl.
I got this from a man whose wife was almost abducted - Michigan, I think - he was watching the vans & cars that watch shoppers & block women in in parking lots - get out, grab them & all go - like there was nothing anyone could do if 3 or 4 vehicles working together blocked a car in - mother & child / children at night -
WalMart cameras do NOTHING when the plates are blocked & perps cars stolen.
So this man was so upset that he left his rattled (she escaped) wife at home & he just hung out in parking lots at night to safeguard women.
Wish I'd kept the link.
my point?
You think anyone is listening to you? NO. You are preaching to the choir or--
they just want to shop or go home.
I live in Alaska.
Ton of small communities (except Anchorage & Fairbanks), so is harder to traffic ppl most places up here.
Please get off the "cops are bad" sht.
STOP WATCHING THE NEWS, & look up stats. How many of them die vs how many of them kill. Colors - never reported AT ALL unless the perp is white...
Hope God watches over you (I know he does).
: D
We all carry, hope you do too.

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TwoFeather 2 months ago

our walmart in Louisiana allows it
I see it all the time in the parking lot

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