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The Man in the Dark by John Ferguson

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Published on 30 May 2023 / In Entertainment

Saturday-Night Theatre: The Man In the Dark
Sat 6th Nov 1976, 20:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM
Dramatised for radio by Gwen Cherrell from the novel by John Ferguson
Stella: When I go out I shall lock you in that room. When I'm in the house you'll be free to walk about.
Kinloch: You regard me as your prisoner?
Stella: Why do you smile?
Kinloch: Because oddly enough, lady, I regard you as mine. It will be interesting to see which of us is right, won't it?

Producer/Director: -John Cardy

Kinloch: -Robert Trotter
Stella: -Karin Fernald
Chance: -Christopher Scoular
McNab:- Kenneth McClellan
Beaumont: -Haydn Jones
Matheson: -Douglas Blackwell
Ponsonby Paget: -David Bird
Man in the fog: -Jeffrey Segal
London PC/Sgt Howley: -Walter Hall
Dr Dunn: -Peter Craze
Cab driver: -Andrew Seear
Sir Stephen Ware: -Malcolm Gerard
Insp Green: -Malcolm Reid
Insp Snargrove: -David Graham
Mrs Spedding: -Shirley Dixon
Solicitor: -James Thomason
Tolputt: -Michael Harbour
Cornet player: -Graham Whiting

Sandy Kinloch is the man in the dark. He was left blind as the result of an explosion in the First World War, and he is destitute. He had once been a medical student with an inclination for literature and a promising future, but ill-fortune together with the war, his injuries, and some poor investments, have reduced him to penury. He spends his last few borrowed coins to travel to Ealing on a fog-bound London night to beg some help from a former fellow student, Dr Peter Dunn.

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