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Published on 14 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics


T.R.U. Reporting...


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Yosiah 9 days ago

in a Word Un-HOLY wood PROGRAMMING

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Yosiah 9 days ago

if u Really want the dope skinny on hidden resets of OURPast Tartaria and Mudfloods before the 1800 Orphan TRAINS should be an ESSENTIAL Focus POINT

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Yosiah 9 days ago

They breath methane ,because they r not very Smart ,They r fartsmellrs not Smartfellrs lol

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AnAkurian 9 days ago

Not a lot of info about Atlantis, but a fun show anyway...

Atlantis was (is) indeed a continent, not an island, and certainly not just a city. The Bimini Road is one clue left of its existence that I didn't hear any mention of. Now, as far as Earth axis shifts, Earth as a planet is subject to having axis shifts. Ours are about every 10-20 thousand years, and we're due for one. Going backwards, the Flood of Noah's time was an Earth axis shift, the latest one, happening about 12,000 years ago. It was triggered to cause the Great Flood to kill off all the chimeras, genetic mistakes from the Anunnaki manipulations still trying to make the perfect slave, and the rest of the godless, vile, corruptions that the Anus create everywhere they contaminate just by being there.

The Earth Axis shift that sunk Atlantis happened about 22,000 years ago. We were a very technologically advanced society then, similar to now, but the tech went in a different direction than the tech we pursue now. Still being manipulated by the Anunnaki, the Atlanteans were at war with the Trojans, and as most wars go, it was a tangled mess. It is recorded as a war with the Greeks, but the Greeks were created as a servant race to the Atlanteans, and as servants, they were sent to do most of the fighting on the line. Go back to Helen of Troy, "The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships" to see that the spark of that war was somebody stole somebody's wife. And Achilles was supposed to be a half-breed Anunnaki, so the fight was also over the "divine lineage" and who was to rule. Sound familiar? The Atlanteans, so tech-savvy and all, were working on the creation of a weapon to put an end to it once and for all. It was a magnificent geodesic crystal, about as big as the one at Epcot Center, but solid and made of quartz, not glass. It was carved and tuned to master and control electromagnetics. With it, we would be able to zap the Trojans and burn their everything. We'd control their weather, their water, their food, their mindframes -- name it. This was our answer to infinite power over our enemies.

Now, imagine the power that a multi-faceted quartz crystal that size could emit. All of the testing so far had been on paper and in much smaller manifestations, so we really didn't know what it would do. Well, on its maiden launch, its first activation, it pulled on the axis of the Earth and immediately caused the Earth to flip 180 degrees on that axis. The Earth's landmass began to rip, the tectonic plates began shifting and shaking, the oceans began to rise as in a tsunami, and the Earth rocked to and fro like a drunkard. That giant geodesic crystal rolled off its stand, shooting lightning out of itself uncontrollably, pulling with a magnetic wave in different directions at the same time, then broke itself into several pieces sinking deep toward the Earth's core center, right there where it was constructed and erected, at water's edge of Atlantis, which is now known as the Bermuda Triangle. The strange occurrences, instruments haywire weirdness, planes and ships disappeared without a trace, time jumps, all the anomalies of the Triangle -- are happening when the pieces of that giant crystal are activated. Quartz, by the way, if I remember correctly, vibrates to the frequency ranges of the Alpha level of brainwaves, which is from 7 cps up to 14 cps. Alpha frequencies are the best for reception of psychic messages.

Back to Atlantis -- so as the Continent of Atlantis sank, it did give rise to the Americas, North and South as we know them today. There is an inexplicable beach, complete with sand, shells, the whole bit, in S.America, right around the Chilean/Peru border that's 20,000 feet up in the Andes mountains. 'splain that one... Of course it's a tourist place now.

Last thing I recall from that lifetime as one of the team of scientists who created that abomination of a weapon without the knowhow to run it properly was thinking, as we were crashing into the turbulence beneath the tsunami that engulfed us was, "MY GOD, WHAT HAVE WE DONE!???!!"

Also gotta mention that I watched Stargate Atlantis when it was running new. That show purports that the whole city existed underwater, and that the city of Atlantis could power up and take off flying like a space ship. And that the Atlanteans drove it to the next galaxy over, the Pegasus Galaxy, parked it there in the oceans of a watery planet, and if you have the right gene sequences, you can operate the tech in that city. From a chair.

So, Linda and Thomas, izzat what's coming, ya think? Atlantis is flying back? That would be awesome.

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AnAkurian 9 days ago

Oops -- forgot to mention that Lemuria was sunk about 45,000 years ago, and the Moon arrived here about 22 Million years ago. When it arrived, it was not built, driven or controlled by Anunnaki at that time when it arrived. So I'm wondering if you know something and you're trying to warn us -- is the moon about to come loose and crash to Earth?

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zarahdrew 9 days ago

Quartz was used as a transducer in radios, in years past. This gave me the idea to conduct a few anecdotal experiments out in my flower garden myself. The first was when I placed pieces of Quartz by my stubborn non-responsive garden plants a wisteria that refused to bloom for 7 years, and when I put the quartz at the root base several weeks before a traditional blooming season, it responded with blooms where even miracle grow produced zip, nadda, nothing. So, I started placing Quartz around my other plants and to my pleasant surprise got similar results. I gave rather large crystals to my daughter for her chickens and they "went to town" laying eggs, even in the winter time a time normally when chickens slow down because of the shorter daylight cycles. Don't forget to cleanse and then "charge" your quartz in the sunlight and best to take it off when you sleep. Below is the dictionary definition I pasted on: Piezoelectric substances produced by things like quartz.... Things like quartz have piezoelectric capability and are able to convert mechanical signals (such as sound waves) into electrical signals, and vice versa. They are therefore widely used in microphones, phonograph pickups, and earphones, and also to generate a spark for igniting gas.
As an aside, another manipulating substance done by the nwo, was covered by Amazing Polly. this substance was graphine oxide. This is the stuff that the nwo freaks are putting into their vax adjuvents along with MRNA and other crap to further their nwo mind-control, as well as it causing many side affects covered by Stew Peter's interview on bitchute...with an MD on. Both reports are well worth the time to listen to.

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