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The Law of Vibration Explained | How to Make It Work Wonders for You

The Human Collective
Published on 18 Aug 2022 / In Spiritual

The Law of Vibration is always working in your life, whether you realize it or not. It’s the Law of Vibration that drives the Law of Attraction. After watching this video, you’ll understand what the Law of Vibration is, how it works and how to use it to your advantage. I’ll keep it really simple, so you can understand it easily.

In the past, spirituality and science were polar-opposites. Most of the spiritual philosophies could not be “proved” by science. However, with the arrival of quantum physics, many spiritual concepts can now be explained scientifically.

This makes it much easier to understand, believe, and use these spiritual principles to improve your life. The Law of Vibration is no exception.

00:00 Introducing the Law of Vibration
00:51 Everything is Energy
01:41 Energy is Always Moving
05:54 Like Energy Attracts Like Energy
08:10 Energy is Never Created or Destroyed
10:02 You Can Change Your Vibrational Frequency
11:07 How to Increase Your Level of Vibration
11:21 Meditation
12:08 Release Negative Energy
13:03 Eat High Frequency Foods
14:01 High Frequency Emotional States
14:57 High Vibration Situations and People
15:36 Positive Thinking
16:45 Wrapping-Up

Links to websites and other YouTube videos that provided ideas and information for this video.

The Law of Attraction Explained -Master Sri Akarshana -

Human vibrational frequency,influences%20your%20energy%20field2.

Vibrational Frequency of Foods -



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