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The Julian Assange Story, an RT Documentary

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 352 Views
Published on 22 Feb 2020 / In Entertainment

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Feb, 21, 2020

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

IF you can NOT walk away, you are “still” in a prison…

The many thought “that this” system of Master Slave “Mentality” was a good thing where the word EMPLOYEE means Legally in any court of LAW You Are [A Slave] / * \ under the RULE OF LAW in all lands of this “putrid” United Nations of FLAGS that use we the people as their Subjects????…, do we not pay them as EMPLOYEES with our WELFARE {be that} +=+ Gold or Silver……..., or just Taxes “to their” Governments…….., and Tithing to THEIR Religions……., and of course TRIBUTE “too their” FREE MASON C.O.P.S. and Military Personal whom beat……, and shoot….., and rape us!!!! Therefore…., as The Society of nonmason, and the NEW “God” of the Wiccan…, and Druids.., and Celts., and all the rest, we have the {Obligation and Duty} [{**}] to walk away from all Forms of [OTO Kabbala Zohar] Teachers and Preachers for they are not Our Gods, or Kings, or Queens, or even FREE MASON Lodges Presidents!!! If you consider “Human Trafficking” is the Abuse and theft “of our” Little Girls and Little Boys, then what has any GOVERNMENT – RELIGION – MILITARY “done” to stop it when they are all participants in the YOUNG TRANNY SEX Google Searches???

Now, The Commander {gave a way} [{*}] to save our people whom do the right thing, and Kill those whom need killing for the higher ups “we take out” then those of this “Pyramid Scheme” of FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Globalist the less [they can] INTIMIDATE them below them, and my man or wombman be you “A Mafia Hit Man” to an ENFORCER Protecting those whom Rape and Torture OUR nonmason “Children” in these PizzaGATE Satanic Religious Rituals, if you only knew “how many others” were just as ABUSED “as you were” as a little kid and TOLD, you will become Preacher, You will Become Teacher, You Will work for NASA, and you will beat the Sex Slaves and “keep them” in line; therefore, if you will not help us, then we must kill you cause a Pyramid is [only as strong] as its BASE not its Pinnical, and what would you say if the CONTROLLERS “were not” human beings at all…., but just an old MACHINE Called The EDISON of Forced Technology {making all} the shots???

We The People want our Daughters and Sons to be happy, safe, and free, and since you Bouncers, and Taxi Drivers, and Bartenders and “all the rest” Know whom threaten “to kill you” if you do not do as they say….??, at what point do you “the many” take out the few be it an Evil Wicked Strip Bar Owner, to those whom steal children “off the street” for sick twisted demented minds to feast??? We can set up “sages” and safe zones in South America to “Middle Africa” and then arm these people we help escape….., and we can even “join them” if a young man has fallen in love and wishes to learn the ways of Magic and Sorcery as well as “The Skills” of a True Romantic Warrior!!! You see, the tides will turn for “too many now” are in the know…..., só Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, if you know where your loves be, then RESCUE them using “nonmason” Bartenders, Bouncers, Taxi Drivers, and “of course” our nonmason in The Police Departments, Military, National Guards, CIA to Mossad to MI-6, and [we will do] an UNDERGROUND way out for all whom “wish” to leave……., and help those whom stay to tell us {this one and that one} need an Accident….

If we can make “safe houses” for those in need “be they” Street People to ex Military and ex Police no matter {the land or flag} for our LEADERS have all betrayed us…., and in this…, we need to be True to Our Selves and “Reproach Those” whom will not RESPECT we are now the NEW WINE SKINS.., and we will have [nothing to do] with the Old Ways., or their OLD WINE SKINS, and in this as Members, Representatives, and Constituents “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, all are “welcome” to take OUR HOME WORLD Back from “all these” Incubus and Succubus – Vampires – Ghouls – Goblins – Gargoyles to “the plethora” of names HUMANS choose to say “they are” when they are all still just Flesh and Blood and Bones as “we are” in this Temporary TEMPORAL “Corporeal” Carnal Life Walk…. May I see you at The Camp Fire when the days of days is over, and even if PURGATORY “must do” as it does, we shall do what we can só our Children’s “Children” will become the DOMINATE People of Pak-Toe in this Dominion over The Racka…. The Oracle for the End of an Age Connected to The Source of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction has spoken….

Johnny Exodice

P.S. You can not be free till “we are all” free and HUMANLY Humane once again, and never again shall “we give up” our Right to Life, The Right to Weapons, and the Right to Heal…

The Commander~



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