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The jab can change your electromagnetic energy field.

anita.tannstrom - 183 Views
Published on 12 Jun 2021 / In Health

If you took the covid vaccine it is possible that you no longer have a natural human electromagnetic energy field. You are now subject to the mindcontrol transmitters and you are the receiver until your death within 2 to 3 years. @endtimesapokalypse

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

There is a negative placebo that occurs when a doctor (usually fake doctors predict the death of others rather than helping their inner strength to survive) tells a patient she has only a year to live. It is mind-control through belief.
All the vaxxed are under directed attack by the Mystery School Cult minions like the Freemasons and, counter-parts, Eastern-Star (female) minions.

Instead, realize that your Point of Power is in the Present and use this to "Create Your own Reality."
Realize that you are a god in the making, but you can perish, too, if you become wicked.

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Tessa Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham 1 month ago

It may not be funny but these people stuck themselves into a human experiment, WILLINGLY.

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