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The HighWire with Del Bigtree (12/29/22)

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Published on 30 Dec 2022 / In Health

Say Goodbye to Fauci; Dutch Farms Impediment to Mega City?; Green New Deal Falling Through; Big Food Bureaucrat Buyout; Rigged: Olivia’s Story

Guests: Olivia Teseniar

The HighWire Channel:

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truthtower 3 months ago

Ponzis NEVER invest in their own Ponzi schemes. That scheme is for YOU(the fools)......NOT the Ponzi. Same goes for "Digital Currency"."YOU Invest in what does not physically exist while I take your tangible currency and STOCKPILE REAL GOLD AND SILVER FOR MYSELF." That's Ponzi 101. The world started spending with gold and silver.....and the intellectually stable will CONTINUE commerce upon that which they know the "Ponzi Schemers" themselves are after.......REAL GOLD....REAL SILVER!!!!!

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Pedro-Martin de Clet
Pedro-Martin de Clet 3 months ago

Free download in multiple formats =

The Vaccine Watchman 1888
by Stokes, W. D

The Poisoned Needle 1957
by Eleanor McBean

Vaccination A Clear And Present Danger
by Eleanor McBean, Ida Honorof
Publication date1977

Serious reasons for uniformly objecting to the practice of vaccination: in answer to the report of the Jennerian Society

An appeal to the public, on the hazard and peril of vaccination, otherwise cow pox ... and other tracts
by Birch, John, 1745?-1815

Vaccination a curse. 1895
by Amerige, C. Wardell

Vaccination : its fallacies and evils
by Gunn, Robert A.(Robert Alexander),b. 1844

Dr. C.G.G. Nittinger's Evils of vaccination
by. Schieferdecker, Chr. Charles;

A Brief narrative of eight years' suffering caused by vaccination by Weston, Homer Bartlett
Publication date

Disease by law : an indictment of compulsory vaccination
Publication date

Vaccination : its uses and alleged dangers
by Parry, John S. (John Stubbs), 1843-1876; American Social Science Association. Philadelphia Branch
Publication date

A century of vaccination and what it teaches
by. Tebb, William Scott, -1917

An open letter to the Governor and members of the General Assembly of Connecticut : showing the evils of compulsory vaccination and certain deaths caused by the practice of cowpoxing
by. Boudren, Thomas,d. 1913

Yummy Doctor

Let’s Compare the Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated

Former Pfizer VP Warns Booster Shot Is An Extermination Weapon To Mass Murder Human Beings

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