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The HighWire with Del Bigtree (11/24/22)

Belfrey - 274 Views
Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In Health

Del’s Thanksgiving Wish; Monsanto Caught Over Paraquat; The Disaster At Camp Lejeune; Mr. Aluminum Details Decades-long Alzheimer's Fraud, and a Great Hope for Science – Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Guest: Christopher Exley, PhD, FRSB

The HighWire Channel:

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truthtower 2 months ago

Corporations do not care how or where they make their fortune. MAKE THAT WORK "FOR" YOU!!
If the tide turns and the profits are found in selling ORGANIC HEALTHY FOODS......these low-life ethics-depleted corporations will jump the fence and load their shelves with WHAT SELLS! Be the dog that wags his tail,.... instead of having these "tails" wagging you. Not only buy organic......INVEST IN ORGANIC! FIND FARMS AND WORK OUT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES. If you do Right.....God Will Help.
never forget that.

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Belfrey 2 months ago

Well put.

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