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The Great Reset: A real sinister agenda behind #CovidHoax

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 98 Views
Published on 12 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

World Economic Forum - A gathering of Psychopaths trying to play God, deciding on the direction of our lives. They will destroy your job, steal your
prosperity and rob your kids of a future - and all of this is YOUR FAULT you braindead, obedient, muzzled sheeple!

Sky News host Rowan Dean says the next World Economic Forum in Davos
has morphed from a “jet-setter climate gabfest” into a sinister
“anti-democratic enterprise designed to destroy your job, steal your
prosperity and rob your kids of a future”. “It's a hardcore leftist
eco-horror show replete with quasi fascism,” he said. Mr Dean
highlighted what he described as a “disturbing trend among many of
the world's left-wing elites to increasingly conflate COVID-19 with
climate change. “Many are going so far as to suggest that all the
measures applied to the coronavirus, the lockdowns, the destruction
of businesses, the suppression of dissent, curfews, strong-arm
police tactics, should become the ‘new normal’ for dealing with
climate change. Mr Dean said the next World Economic Forum is
planning “to convince governments with the help of big businesses
and big tech to bring about something deeply sinister called ‘The
Great Reset’.” “It is a program designed to strip us all of our
fundamental democratic rights in favour of a new form of society as
dictated by the elites”. Mr Dean said the advertising for ‘The Great
Reset’ was “just about as cliched and vomit-inducing as the most
inane corporate ad can be”. “This promo is saying that all the very
worst things in the world, from the coronavirus to bushfires to
riots to pollution to poverty are somehow linked. “Then it is
claiming they can magically disappear. Literally at the push of a
button and just like that, everything in the world is made right and
pure again. “The Great Reset. What could be simpler? Mr Dean said
ultimately “lunatics including Prince Charles and the United Nations
and the IMF want to replicate the global response to COVID and
repurpose it for climate change, to enforce zero net emissions”.


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