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The great recycling LIE (what really happens to plastic)

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Published on 21 Jun 2022 / In Technology


Plastic recycling is literally a scam. Or is it? We all know that humanity couldn't exist in the way it does without plastic, however much of the way our currenct society operates with plastic were lies sold to us by the plastic industry.

Since World War II, the plastic industry has been either lying to, or directly manipulating, the population of the planet. And they've done all this for one simple reason: so that they can sell more plastic, and make more money. But the direct result of this is that our planet has suffered, and they've polluted our world with lies, deceit, and disgusting business practices.

The plastic industry wants you to believe that some plastic can be good. When in reality, this is nothing more than propaganda, to keep our species in a cycle of profit, and destruction.

Please let me know your thoughts below this video.

Shout out to Climate Town's fantastic video on this subject, which inspired us to create this. If you wanna watch it, go here:

0:00 - Plastic recycling is a scam
0:38 - The plastic industry's lies
2:40 - Fighting against plastic
4:21 - Why plastic recycling isn't effective
6:11 - The biggest lie in plastic
7:31 - How to fight back
9:17 - Some final thoughts

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Hangfire1 7 days ago

It wasn't just the, "big evil corporations"... big left wing, liberal, socialist/communist organizations and government screwals were guilt tripping the public into "recycling" everything! To this day, ppl throw their plastics into the blue "recycling" bins only to have the contents, carted away and thrown into the SAME garbage dump as the REST of our garbage! NOTHING is getting RECYCLED!

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TheCozmikTruth 13 days ago

That's a man!

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MAGAA777 14 days ago

I have really been doubting all this recycle idea and now this really helps me to make a more important decision. THROW IT IN THE TRASH DO NOT RECYCLE ANYMORE, IF IT MAKE THE HIGHER ELITES MORE $$$, I AM NOT FOR THEM(YOU SHOULDN'T BE EITHER!

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