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The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 | Deceit at it's Finest!

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 22 May 2022 / In News and Politics

The Battle in the skies of Los Angeles, is rumored to be an attack on the continental US by Imperial Japan or was it our own US government?

A subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage took place from late on Feb 24 to early morning Feb 25, 1942, over Los Angeles, California.

The incident occurred less than three months after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy or was it the U.S.?

Since we're now learning that our own government has lied throughout history. They made us hate & fear the intentions of other countries. They made us believe we must attack to keep from being killed. In reality, they staged every war to get the publics support so they could easily engage in war to line their own pockets!

For them, war is money! They are consumed with greed to the point, human lives are a collateral consequence of war. People are nonessential, expendable for their gain.

After the barrage of firing 1400 rounds of ammunition into the sky, nothing was hit! Was it CG? A hologram? It must have been!

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Once they've been taken down, our lives will become better than ever! Every country will flourish, the way God intended!

It's going to take everyone in the world to help by looking for and understanding the truth; then saying NO to these wicked people.

The world united...will end the the tranny!

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The Great Los Angeles Air Raid, The Battle of Los Angeles, Deceit, Mind Control

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