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▶️ The “Get Rich Quick” Mentality Makes You Poor | EP#431

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Published on 25 Apr 2021 / In Technology

I want to take some time to talk about the “get rich quick” mentality and why it will actually make you poor as well as, you will only have the motivation to pursue something that you are passionate about or that is meaningful to you.

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This video was originally made as a response to the notion that I’m so far ahead for content creation and earning online and no one could earn what I earn. It takes sacrifice, hard work, and diligence. But most importantly, I never said it was easy or that it would happen quickly.

Less than 1% of the global population are millionaires according to the Credit Suisse report in mid-2019. This means that even if you do get lucky, you are still unlikely to make it to the millionaire club. The point of this isn’t to discourage you, but rather to show you that all the success courses, forex trading, and crazy volatile investments are not actually going to make you rich. Partially because you still need high conviction in whatever you do for it to give you those amazing rewards. If you invest $100 dollars in Dogecoin and it goes 5x, then you still only have $500.

You have to be passionate about what will make you rich or it won’t pan out because you won’t be motivated. Very few people are motivated enough by the dream of money alone – they actually need money. What I mean is that while the advertising and marketing can bring these people in, they won’t last long making no money before giving up. If you aim purely to make the most at the highest risk, you would just buy lottery tickets.

The saddest part of all of this is by pursuing “get rich quick schemes” you become the prime target for scams and terrible projects that will mostly like rug pull and exit on you. By looking for financial shortcuts, you are more likely to fall for these enticing offers that fit with that mentality. The product you buy is “the dream of wealth.” When you could just invest that into actually growing your wealth.

Do you agree with what I’ve talked about? Have you ever been scammed? What are some crypto projects people should avoid? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!
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