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The Future Of Humanity & Freedom Lies In The Hands Of Believing Christians

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Published on 20 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

⁣Presentation - Awaken, by Dr. Simone Gold
⁣The Future Of Humanity & Freedom Lies In The Hands Of Believing Christians

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Dive2663225 2 years ago

AND SHE MEANS...REAL Christians!!! Not Mike Pence type Phony Christians

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

When the OPPRESSED become the Oppressors... As I watch the Above Video, this School of Thought does not MENTION we are born into PURGATORY, and Purgatory does not want you to leave... That Spoken, yes: ONLY by [USE OF FORCE] / * \ can We Are Establish OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy, and the only NARROW PATH of Christ Jesus 1.0 is HONESTY on all matters, but we live in a World of Liars......., and all their LIES AGREED UPON......, and we also know [we are] Qballs~ /_\ RELIVING the MEMORY of forever and ever from the NEW TESTAMENT: for those whom will {not be honest} +=+ with their own minds let alone FESS UP!!!! You never landed on the Moon....., we are not going to MARS........, and the #COVAXXED of (COVID19) is depopulation...., but since this is THE GAME of purgatory..., the people are deleted at the (stages) [{**}] they died out in the REAL WORLD: being our Holographix VR Celestial Sphere DEAD MOON!!!! That Awful Horror from the NEW TESTAMENT..... Christ Jesus Returned....... Keep Kicking It.., and keep that {LEGAL DOCUMENT} /-\ of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition on your CORPORATE PERSON HOOD: at all Times!!!! The Green Hat` The Rag Tag Rebellion aka The Society of nonmason~ #NURATU [{*}] P.S. these people whom are The Cursed, The Dammed, and The Forsaken will do ANY THING but be honest....

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

Now that all of youm know from watching Jeppo Jinx on TIK TOK that the U.S. World Leaders and all U.N. Corporations ARE [mixing] QBALLS~ /_\ Real People with (CGI Coverings) +=+ on other people too "BLUR" the Lines of A.I. CGI.......,

and non A.I. machine people...., youm would be Reckoning that The {National Guard} [{**}] is just more JADE HELM 15 U.N. Troops of the USA {G4S] Agenda 21 as these World Police of Peacekeepers from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH from the Southern Hemisphere where THEY LIVE have no sun, nor moon known as #AGENDA2030 of the #SDG ...

No matter [what you see] /-\ with your own eyes:

Remember it is not what you see' IT IS WHAT YOU KNOW that matters, and in the {Game of Purgatory} / * \ all the world is a Stage!!!!

Keep your whits about you and "your children" whom are raised on CGI VR Holographix MARK OF THE BEAST {NEWS} World Order LIES AGREED UPON on their WAR IS MURDER when MURDER is against the Courts in all U.N. FLAGS (Promotional) WAR GAMES of Head Gear Tech........,

and the MARK OF THE BEAST from the FAKE JEWS of Hollywood in the BOOK OF REVELATION called Jesuit Zionist FREE MASON of their CORPORATION CAPITALIST "The Rapture" being SCREENS on Cell Phones in our Right or Left Hand.........,

you need too STUDY the CGI Actors on TV Screens in all U.N. FLAGS for all things from NEWS to children Cartoons cause: this is just another addition to Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY,

and youm My [nonmason] whom are SUPER RICH do not get the Real Vaccine too keep (moving around) for OUR OLYMPIC Rag Tag Rebellion "of and for" OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy....

The Society of nonmason~

so STUDY - Research - Investigate at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy offline gaming STUDY ROOMS "this" 3D C.G.I. White House (COVID19) mixed with "for now"

still Real Humans...


#Nuratu [{*}]

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