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The Fall Of Canada

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Published on 31 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Trudeau makes corruption the new normal in politics

After five years in power, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has succeeded in normalizing corruption in Canadian politics.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Has Justin Trudeau broken another ethics rule?

WATCH BELOW as the Conservatives question why Justin Trudeau’s childhood friend Dominic LeBlanc’s sister-in-law has been named interim ethics commissioner.

After Canada was bought and paid for, President Xi is understandably piqued at Trudeau’s performance

What explains the remarkable exchanges between President Xi and Prime Minister Trudeau at the G20 meeting, where Xi initially rebuked Trudeau in diplomatese by refusing to grant him a formal audience, and then rebuked Trudeau publicly in a corridor press scrum after granting him an informal meeting?

The most plausible explanation given the facts now known: Trudeau failed to thread the needle of satisfying his Chinese master while maintaining the pretence to Canadians that he was standing up for them.

Abundant evidence now attests to widespread infiltration by China’s Communist Party (CCP) into the Canadian parliament and Canadian institutions. As documented by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the CCP provided clandestine payments through affiliated intermediaries to at least 11 candidates for Canada’s federal parliament in the 2019 election. In the 2021 election, at least 13 Conservative seats are believed to have been targeted and members who now sit in parliament may be, in effect, beholden to the CCP.

‘Red-Handed’ – ‘Obviously, My Family Has Historical Ties with China’: How Beijing Bought Off the Trudeaus

Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has followed in his father Pierre’s footsteps both in assuming the high office and using it to further the interests of the Chinese Communist Party, Peter Schweizer writes in his bestseller Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

Why Justin Trudeau Is The MOST HATED Canadian Who Ever Lived

In July, 2020, Canadian Corey Hurren drove his truck through the gates of Rideau Hall, looking to do harm to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family.”

Klaus Schwab’s puppet ‘Young Global Leaders’ revealed — Trudeau in Canada, Buttigieg in U.S., Macron in France, and many more

As technocracy expert Patrick Wood says, it was no coincidence that 1992 was chosen as the year to start the Global Leaders of Tomorrow program.

This was the same year that Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development were unleashed on the world. The new agenda for the world required a new kind of leader and Klaus Schwab’s program was key to the whole evil plan.

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