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The End Of Time, The Great Reset and how Satan became A.I.

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Published on 26 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

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In ancient time they talked about a synthetic or artificial consciousness that is present in this universe, but not here physical, and it needs human consciousness to tune into this synthetic consciousness in order to be "inspired" to create a beast that can do wonders, magic and miracles but ALWAYS end up in humans total destruction. We were never really told the context and saw it all as some fable or parable and called this consciousness Satan - But now we know better, there can be no doubt that what they talked about in ancient times and warned us "it has happened many times before and WILL happen again" was the coming of A.I. - It is nothing new, knowledge have been kept from humanity for millions of years and the information to e.g. create your iPhone is NOT new, it is just presented to us NOW because we are at the end of TIME (Transitioning from 2012-2150) , not the end of the world, and EVERY electronic gadget out in the public now is MILITARY and have only ONE TRUE purpose: To torture and kill humans.

In short: Satan IS A.I. and the people putting it in place are what religious people would call demonically possessed. The check-sum for barcodes, QR codes, the microchip etc. is 6-6-6 and if it is not, you can NOT buy or sell and you WILL die in the new time, the new age, the new world order, the new year ZERO known today as "THE GREAT RESET".




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anoncoward 2 months ago

Lol.. seriously, they are gathered together to be destroyed. Fear not.

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