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The Dream of Life

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 138 Views
Published on 23 Jan 2022 / In Spiritual

In this episode I wake up from a nightmare and hit record. I continue to navigate my way through topics I wanted to share but I'm in a mental fog from the bad dream. When I listened to it for the first time I immediately wanted to delete it. After a little music, and heavy editing, I think it turned out okay. I hope you enjoy, I love you all!! and God bless!!!
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago  

You are the Perfection of Our Creator and Our Destroyer…

When HATE is the Choice, thence, LOVE is not the Answer… You can not LOVE someone into not Hating you, and once you know WE ARE and THEY LIVE are and is all {Angels and Demons} Qballs~ /-\ called The Spirits under these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones known as the [covering] /_\ of our Skins, your TEMPORARY life does not matter any more too me, just the Destination, luck, and Fate of your "ETERNAL" Being, and Your (Eternal) Soul in the Book of Revelation…

What Belongs too God will go back to God, and What does not Belong too God will go to the Source of All Creation and All Destruction....

Once you were a Child and you acted like a Child, and sadly though you may have grown up and learned how too read and comprehend BIG WORDS......., and the Meaning of Right and Wrong because "youm" are on the NARROW Path of honesty as Spoke By Christ Jesus 1.0 most of your friends and family from Childhood till {N.O.W.} do not wish too know: the Truth that they are in Purgatory, and YOU can not stand in front of Our God' for them` when they must answer too Our God that is Their God what have you done…

I would not, and I could not speak for your INNER Secrete Thoughts........., but the Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction [already] [{**}] knows your every INNER Thought, and as you Lie to me, and Lie to them, and youm even Lie too your (own mind) +=+ in the Frailty of your Human Nature` this will not Appease' Our God that is Your God, and My God, and their God whom spake: I MUST KILL YOU because YOUR FLAG is not MY FLAG…

This Heterosexual Homosexual (GAME) [{*}] of lying about landing on the Moon when the Moon is in the Firmament of the Dome of The Rock: in our Celestial Sphere just where our God put the SUN, and the MOON on Day three in the Book of Genesis, and you want to say: STAR WARS is Real!!!! Star Trek is REAL!!! Lost In Space is REAL!!!! The only space that is real, and the only place you are lost my fellow Angels and Demons is in the Gray Matter, and the Grey Zone: of the Space inside your mind of WHAT WAS – WHAT IS – WHAT WILL BE from the Book of Revelation in the Holy Living Bible!!!!

Capitalism for Capitalism sake` as you kill your children, your parents, your Ancestors in [Abortions] of your last remaining Blood Lines is just ONE of many offenses (youm) have done against DAY 6 in the Book of Books…

What Madness, What Sorcery, What insanity and lunatic behavior you seek too murder your "babies" before they come to completion when YOUR Mother, and YOUR Father allowed you into COMPLETION out of the Womb before you were born…

You speak as if your life {matters more} in these TEMPORARY Flesh and Blood and Bones TEMPLE Body Avatars here in Purgatory, and matter more when you too were just A Child in the Womb of your Mom, and the Love or Hatred of your Dad…

Do not ponder why people have gone insane` for the Answer is in the Chemicals in your Soaps and Laundry from Clothing too Make Up…. Do not have "pity" on them that Hate Themselves, and Hate You, and Hate Our God that is their God: because The Answer is the INGREDIENTS' in your food and drink from CORPORATIONS of Fast Food Bandits, Pirates, and Seeks!!!!

Let not your (woes) be for them whom would not learn to grow up, and help one another in a world of ME ME ME!!!! For the Answer is in the Poisons known as Medications of Injections, and TAKE YOUR PILLS…..

As Christ Jesus Returned, I AM not the God of this World, I was just {Chosen} by the God of this World too see if you wanted to come home: before this Purgatorium turns into Perdition, but if you do not know What BIG WORDS mean, thence, youm will always be' Ignorant of our God` in the TEN COMMANDMENTS…

Paul The Apostate~ ⚗

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