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The Doctor Of Common Sense Show (9-28-22)

Alexis 1411
Alexis 1411 - 72 Views
Published on 29 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

Biden Says Where’s Jackie, But She Is Dead. NYC Mayor Eric Adams Belittles Kansas, Says They Don’t Have A Brand. Netflix Accused of ‘Hate Crime' after Labelling Jeffrey Dahmer series as LGBTQ content. White Liberals Like To Be Offended On Behave Of Minorities. The Butt-Man Transportation Secretary Petey Says Save Money By Buying An Electric Car. Why Are Tesla Batteries And Other Lithium Batteries Catching Fire? New PM Georgia Meloni Destroys French President Macron: He Called The Italian’s Disgusting.

#biden says where’s jackie, #netflix/jeffrey dahmer, #nyc mayor eric adams, #pm georgia meloni, #white liberals

Credit: The Doctor Of Common Sense

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