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The David Knight Show Radio Broadcast 11Jun2021

David Knight
David Knight - 398 Views
Published on 11 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

0:00 They’re coming for the teens — over 800 reported heart injuries and the CDC will address as an “emergency” — NEXT WEEK. Why wait? Meanwhile every kind of pressure is being applied to teens to take the jab including pep rallies

8:11 Unvaccinated teens ostracized at prom — marked, numbered; unvaccinated West Point Cadets will be put into solitary confinement; in Canada and many US jurisdictions children can take the jab without parental consent or even parents knowing

14:56 Mother calls out school board as thieves and liars indoctrinating children — why are we still funding this? Jefferson stopped mandatory financial support and sometimes mandatory attendance for state churches. We should do the same thing with schools

21:17 Another church in Canada has its building stolen by government. Listen to what the pastor said...

25:27 Dramatic improvement — 3x’s more survive — for those on ventilators when given HCQ. Compare it to Remdesavir, Fauci’s expensive “standard of care” made by his corporate friends

29:48 FDA loses ALL credibility as it approves a phenomenally expensive Alzheimers drug rejected by science panel — 10 out of 11 with 1 abstention. 3 scientists have resigned in protest

33:24 Chinese woman speaks out on the Marxist agenda — what is happening now in America is nothing but the communist Cultural Revolution. Stimulus is ushering in Universal Basic Income which is simply communism

39:56 The brutal terror of China’s one-child policy — and how the globalist elite LOVE it

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