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The David Knight Show 9May22 - Unabridged

David Knight
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Published on 09 May 2022 / In News and Politics

A look at the fact-checkers vs "2000 Mules"
Now I'm banned for Christmas music I arranged and performed
J&J's bloody vaccine history of clots, heart attacks and manufacturing errors.  Is there a connection to outbreak of childhood hepatitis?  Fact-checking the fact checkers
Jill Biden goes to Ukraine for Mother's Day while Joe plays golf.  Jill says the "war has to stop".  No one else in the Biden administration has said that
"Anonymous sources" tell mainstream media they are helping assassinate Russian generals in Ukraine.  How might they be using biometrics and databases to do that?
Neo-Colonialism: Gates & Rockefeller Foundations in to Africa to starve them of food through "agricultural reform"
Oz tells crowd that booed him all night, "I'm smart", 3 times in 20 seconds.  Why is Trump endorsing people like Dr Oz & Morgan Ortagus?  Who are the REAL people Trump passed over?
Pilots coerced into vaccines, now damaged to the extent they can't work
Puke: Taco Bell offers traveling Drag Show to go with greasy tacos

Segment 1
* Oz, booed repeatedly, tells audience repeatedly — "I'm smart". Is he yet another Trump endorsed out-of-state celebrity globalist carpetbagger? Is the MAGA crowd catching on?
* Oz pushes a Planned Parenthood lie about coat hanger abortions that even Washington Post debunked in 2019 when Leanna Wen was pushing it

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:20:09
* Listener in Philippines says elections are getting violent, at least one politician killed. Concerns about power and internet. Is it a harbinger of what's coming in USA elections?
* After Trump's endorsed candidate, leftist Morgan Ortagus, is out — there remains a fantastic candidate (just like in Pennsylvania). This official organized state resistance against Covid rules and defended the Constitution
*"Abortion Saves Lives"? Abortion protestors go to homes of Supreme Court Justices on Mother's Day to intimidate them
* A look at the stupid, virtue signaling failure of SNL & Benedict Cumberbatch to support abortion. One picture says it all
* Listener asks if overturning Roe is to take away our opposition to vaccine mandates. My answer
* YouTube shut down my channel with a half dozen Christmas songs that I arranged, performed and had NO strikes. Here's what happens with the "appeal" process

Segment 3 begins approximately 00:57:37
* Is John Roberts serious about an investigation of the SCOTUS leak?
* Should Congress decide on abortion for the rest of the country? Do they have the authority?
* Oklahoma enacts the same vigilante system as Texas to stop abortion. Is this a practical solution?
* Six ways abortionists are bilking customers and endangering their lives, especially with the tele-abortion pills

Segment 4 begins approximately 01:17:52
* Listener questions
* 2000 MULES: AP "Fact-Checkers", claims and counter-claims about election corruption. But is anyone going to pay attention to obvious, simple solutions or ask WHY it happened?
* Puke — Taco Bells are staging drag shows at the "restaurants" to go along with greasy tacos
* Gates & Rockefeller Foundations are attacking small farmers in Africa. They call it philanthropy. Others call it neo-colonialism

Segment 5 begins approximately 01:40:52
* Married Christian couple in Sudan will be beaten close to death, charged with "adultery "
* Suburb of San Diego goes FULL CHINA with surveillance. Worst, so far, in USA

Segment 6 begins approximately 01:52:07
* Jill sent out to shill in Ukraine while Biden plays golf
* Are the USA Javelins and UK NLAW's working or a failure?
* "Anonymous sources" in Pentagon bragged about sinking Russian ships. Now denied by officials. Did they?
* They also bragged about assisting in the assassination of a dozen Russian generals. Is it more than just eavesdropping on communications? Is Clearview AI involved?

Segment 7 begins approximately 02:20:46
* Has China already begun to prepare for Taiwan attack? Is Shanghai lockdown a part of that?
* Trudeau pushes gun control registry of ALL guns
* Hawaii's "malicious compliance" with 2nd Amendment to stop ownership

Segment 8 begins approximately 02:34:34
* J&J's Bloody Vaccine History. A timeline of clots, heart attacks and manufacturing errors from EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to END of USE. Why has J&J stopped their jab even as Pfizer & Moderna are raking in record profits?
* Is there a connection to ou

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