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The David Knight Show 9Jun2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 648 Views
Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

From Lucky Strike cigarettes to Lucky SPIKE injections —70 years of marketing harmful products

New fast food franchise launched — Burger King changes to Burger Drag Queen. Every chicken sandwich contributes to an organization that promotes physical & sexual child abuse via gender gaslighting

WHO celebrates India removing Ivermectin, HCQ, even multivitamins and hawking patented, expensive, ineffective BigPharma products

Unusual victory as elementary school teacher fired for refusing to violate his Christian faith, lie to children about gender — wins in court

Epidemiologist's charts that show skyrocketing increase in COVID illness in country after country, on every continent, as vaccination programs began

1:53 Facebook rolls out “Global Faith Partnership” to monetize your prayers as Zuckerberg wears firearm hearing protection while he throws spears

6:00 Apple criticized for removing new privacy feature in China at the demand of Chinese govt. But conservative media pretends they don’t work with/for the government in USA

15:06 Biden’s new budget proposal gets rid of “mother”, replacing with “birthing people”.

18:26 Listeners’ letters — new Q&A? is relaxation of masks a setup?

25:52 Now they attack mothers. Doug Wilson points out that one of the consequences of Roe v Wade was the abortion of the family

32:33 Burger King Rebrands as Burger Drag Queen. Every chicken sandwich sold contributes to an LGBT organization that promotes physical & sexual child abuse with gender gaslighting

46:26 Christian teacher fired from a Virginia elementary school for refusing to violate his Christian principle and participate in gender transitions, wins a victory in court

58:17 Ex-LGBT go to Washington to warn about the intolerance of the Democrats’ “Equality Act”

1:09:24 WHO cheers as India now stops Ivermectin, HCQ, multivitamins in favor of BigPharma patented drugs

1:13:04 Letter from listener about COVID medical malpractice experienced as a patient and a letter from a nurse that Medicare & Medicaid are behind demands for nurses to continue to wear masks

1:23:16 Australia — QR codes now mandated AT WORK for constant location tracking of individuals (it was just retail before) as teen suicides skyrocket

1:36:08 In Country After Country, Epidemic Exploded with Vaccination Program. Coincidence? Every continent saw exponential explosion of Covid coinciding with mass vaccination

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Crash45 10 days ago

great show david. i told people last year to not expect the diaper cult rules from going away. sure enough, even when you take their "miracle cure" it means nothing in the workforce. not sure about going into the stores because i haven't gone into a store since april last year but from what i hear from family members it's not being enforced as aggressively. But in my mind it's probably because they haven't solidified the vaccine passport checking yet. once they have the technology and personnel to do so it will be just like it was when they first started refusing entrance. I wish I had a better feeling on where this will go, but if you understand the evil these people are then you won't set yourself up for disappointment. As for me, I probably will not make it much farther. I'm so discouraged to even find a job anymore because just like the masks this will be the near future with the passports. There's really no escaping it if you want to keep the things you have.

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