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The David Knight Show 9Apr2021 - Full Show

David Knight
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Published on 09 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente

Biden called shootings “epidemic” — here’s why his “solutions” are like COVID response & Chipman is like Fauci

“Ghost guns” & “Samizdat” — why Biden will fail

DICK’S SPORTING “vaccination clinic” closed after 18 people have immediate adverse reactions, 2 hospitalized

European Court of Human Rights says mandatory vaccination is NOT a violation of rights?

Biden infrastructure bill will bribe communities to stop single family homes

1:53 Shortages of ketchup and chips (computer) — central planning by Fauci & CDC is STILL a failure (and always will be)

9:59 Infrastructure? Biden’s Plan to Eliminate SINGLE FAMILY HOMES & Private Cars

44:56 Biden GhostGun Ban Will Fail Like Soviet Samizdat Ban

58:46 The fake narrative about Boulder, CO murders to push more gun control

1:03:29 Biden’s AFT nominee, Chipman — the most dangerous and defiant part of his attack on 2nd Amendment. Lying to cover up Waco murders, one of the MOST radical gun control lobbyists

1:16:10 Gun violence “EPIDEMIC”? Biden’s approach is EXACTLY like what has been done with the fake pandemic — here’s the tactics

1:22:50 There’s nothing in the Constitution that prevents Biden from “impinging” on our rights? Let’s look at the “shouting fire in a crowded theatre” analogy to FreeSpeech

1:37:49 Listeners’ letters — how to legally decline a vaccine, questioning VaccinePassport poll, a doctor’s office visit, national day of prayer & fasting

1:54:07 Dick’s Sporting Goods Store Says Guns Too Dangerous to Sell But Get A Jab — Even as ambulances arrive, people are still waiting & hoping to get their experimental treatment

1:57:47 INTERVIEW Gerald Celente: Taxes, Real Estate, Bitcoin, Gold, Dollar — Gerald Celente, TrendsResearch.com, publisher of Trends Journal on what’s coming our way

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