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The David Knight Show 5May2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 1,257 Views
Published on 05 May 2021 / In News and Politics

Domestic Propaganda & Surveillance against Biden’s political enemies gets massive financial boost for private partners to implement his Star Chamber Exec Order

Remember CS gas used at Waco? Media is now concerned about its health effects when used outdoors against BLM/Antifa

Florida passes law against social media banning, censorship, shadow banning

Canadian pastor’s trial for holding church begins and, in the same area, Rodeo Rally without masks defies the health dictators

Leftist media has multiple articles talking about those too afraid to EVER take off their masks, even after the magic “vaccine”

Topics by time-code
9:17 Media Vilifies Anti-Communist Chinese-Americans. USA Today says, don’t they realize Antifa & BLM are NOT communists? Don’t they know white people are racist? Actually, the Chinese-Americans know communist tactics — including a lying press

17:34 Remember Waco & CS gas? Now Media is Concerned When It’s BLM
Miscarriages? Death? Adverse effects of “less-than-lethal” weapons banned by international treaty for use on the battlefield but regularly used by governments against its own citizens.

27:38 Biden’s Public-Private Surveillance of His Enemies List
CNN pretends there’s no illegal surveillance going on of all Americans to explain why Biden will pay $85M to private corporations to do MORE of it. How he implements his Exec Order for a Star Chamber persecution

39:03 Feds had a secret plan to arrest Chauvin in case the kangaroo court and biased jury didn’t work. Even Washington Post says the juror who lied about bias is grounds for appeal — and an appeal has been filed

40:47 Dinesh D’Souza says abolish the FBI. It used to be good he says. If only he knew J Edgar Hoover’s history. Here it is…

46:56 Gates Kept His Kids From Cell Phones — Should YOU?
Gates admits like other BigTech Billionaires, that he wouldn’t let his kids near cell phones. Listener asks if the divorce isn’t a way to protect the family fortune.

58:19 Listener asks if Gates’ notoriously insecure operating system and its vulnerability to computer viruses is analogous to the genetic code injection that Moderna compares to software used to modify YOUR body’s operating system.

1:03:14 “Content Modification” push by Facebook as DeSantis passes law against censorship, shadow banning, deplatforming — of political candidates, not you. Reuters, Congress pushing MORE censorship by corporations and UK is proposing direct government censorship

1:32:03 Pastor Goes on Trial for Church in Canada, Anti-Lockdown Rodeo Defies Medical Dictatorship
First day of trial — what’s the “science” behind “singing” killing people (it didn’t for over 4 months). And cowboys tame out of control bureaucracy with a rode

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PaulVMontefusco 2 months ago

.....will be enjoyed long after they are gone and their memories obliterated except in infamy.

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PaulVMontefusco 2 months ago

And the RCMP, the ROYAL CRAPFEST of MUZZLING PUKES, and the CANADIAN BULLSHIT CLERKS and WORLD MOMMIES OF INFORMATION are worried about singing and outdoor gatherings. Someone might enjoy the time they have yet to live, which is something the NEWSGOSSIP SCHOOLMARMS and the HELLTH SERVICE and ROYAL CREEPS can't ever hope to do, because they are SLAVES in the pay of their MALCONTENT MASTERS. When these bastards at the RCMP, AHS, CBC and the other ASKISS MEDIA WORLDWIDE die, they will not only not be missed, there will be massive rejoicing. RODEOS and CHURCH among other normal human activities that these pigs, gossips, and clerks will never enjoy.

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PaulVMontefusco 2 months ago

The AH's at the AHS showing their true CUL-OARS. Rowing up their own asses.

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paul jacobs
paul jacobs 2 months ago

I got a message from and return replied this message:
You are responsible for many deaths amounting to genocide. The fact that you may not have intended the vaccine victims to be harmed or die does not remove the responsibility from you. They are dead and dying because you gave into medical hysteria and abandoned the border wall and border security which probably caused you to lose the election. You did it.

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Crash45 2 months ago

Even though I like a lot of how DeSantis is about, failing to point out the risks of the vaccine and having that uninformed oblivious support tells me enough of what he is about. This reminds me a lot of how Trump was acting before he became president. But when the rubber hit the road he overpromised and underdelivered. Not only that but twisted the truth and screwed over his supporters. If he planted his feet and called out trump i think I would feel more comfortable in supporting him. Feels like another dog and pony show

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