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The David Knight Show 3/4/2021 - Full Show

David Knight
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Published on 05 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

* Pfizer accused by govts of "bullying" for immunity for damage — not just legal immunity from lawsuits, but also government provided insurance, foreign bank accounts and SOVEREIGN ASSETS (specifically embassies and military bases). Do they NOT believe their product is safe?
* Guest: Vince Agnelli, NewVirginiaPlan.com
* "Stimulus" is another bailout for state/city govt, not you bankrupt Democrat states/cities get windfall (like CA did with 1st #Stimulus)

0:00 Today was is day Q had predicted the messianic return of Trump — will he display the blockchain-watermark ballots and begin arrests? Nobody, believes it but Pelosi is pretending it’s a real threat and another reason to keep DC under troop occupation

16:00 Across western governments, the left is moving to jail their political opponents

12:26 Gab: banks & govt are engaging in financial blacklisting

25:36 Microsoft Alliance to Ban INDIVIDUALS From Speaking — PERSONALIZED censorship, tying every kind of electronic document to an individual

34:38 Forbes says lockdown needs to be done every 2 years to achieve Paris Climate goals — and they WANT it. But with Paris, like the pandemic, the rules don’t apply to China

46:59 Kristi Noem, SD Governor, surprises everyone at CPAC by talking about liberty and principles — could THIS be exactly what we need?

1:09:14 Governors take the masks off — or are they still hiding tyranny & reserving tyranny?

1:13:36 INTERVIEW: Vince Agnelli, NewVirginiaPlan.com, how and why to rebuild our country from the ground up, locally.

2:17:46 Pfizer’s Alleged “Bullying” and Blackmail of Entire Countries for protection from lawsuits — do they NOT believe their vaccine is SAFE?

2:35:33 Multiple deaths reported shortly after experimental vaccine, but of course, nothing to see here.

2:42:20 Daily Caller’s hit piece associating RFK Jr & skeptics with Farrakhan is the worst & most contemptible vaccine propaganda from conservatives yet

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BastiatsBeasts 1 month ago

I understand you don't like Trump. Trump is not the president. The junta that seized power in this election rigged coup is quite terrifying. lf you keep railing on trump, you will lose what little audience you have. For all his failings, Trump did three good things. He exposed the deep state, he exposed the rampant corruption in DC, he showed how we can and must fight back. Now, it is up to us to depose the deep state and eliminate the corruption. I hope you can join us.

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Crash45 1 month ago

You can't look me in the eye and convince me this crap is safe. Let the morons who are afraid of their own shadows to weed themselves out. I'm done trying to convince these retards this vaccine is dangerous. They will take it with a smile if they think it pleases the crown of authority. Fuck them

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