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The David Knight Show 28Sep2021 - Unabridged

David Knight
David Knight - 769 Views
Published on 28 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


2:04 Israel Vaccine FAIL: 4th Jab Causes Protests. As health minister caught on live mic admitting there’s no reason for any of it except to jab people with the precious. Israel is now blocked from international travel after becoming the most jabbed country on earth

21:21 82%-88%-97%? Just a Little More…. Herd immunity was ALWAYS a scam. Now Harvard is 95% but no normal. NY school teachers are 88% but people are being fired for not getting jabbed. Biden throws out “97 or 98%”. Always just a little more

39:52 Mass firing of Massachusetts State Police. CBS says “Dozens”. It’s MUCH higher than that

41:02 Deputy Police Commissioner of Rome takes the stage & pushes back against illegal Covid “laws”.

49:42 Australian Billionaires Taunt Unvaccinated. More police brutality in Australia but retired cop gives a BRUTAL rebuttal to the police and the tyranny. And, on “Freedom Day” unvaxed STILL won’t be able to do anything as fast food billionaire & a another billionaire mall owner taunt the unvaccinated

54:09 NY Gov Calls on Her Vaccine “Apostles”. It’s a cult religion being sold from a church pulpit

1:01:09 Mass firings are designed to create a GREATER DEPRESSION with 20-30% unemployment

1:40:22 “Freedom Day” coming in Australia and businesses are

demanding government block unvaccinated so they don’t have to. “And get that digital vaccine passport app working now,” they say.

1:45:30 Obama’s OSHA head talks about how they will mandate vaccinations and how MORE needs to be done — just a FIRST step

1:55:50 INTERVIEW: How to Fight Tyranny with Lessor Magistrates. “The Lesser Magistrate” author Matt Trewhella ( — the Christian foundation of liberty, its history, and how to apply it against tyranny today

2:55:25 Newsom Aborts PARENTS. Parents get no say in abortion or transgender medical treatments, makes it a serious crime to film an abortion clinic

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Boetie 23 days ago

New-York scum bags tyrannical politicians should be hanged upside down like Benitto Mussolini. Cuomo is a MASS MURDERER. And so is DI BLAZIO !!!! These two murderers have killed more New-Yorkers that Americans soldiers were killed in Vietnam.

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JamesRoss 23 days ago

Very good, Dave,
"The Presious" Brainchips are not spiritual... the brainchip is anti-spiritual. It is designed to hinder spiritual expansion or growth and replaces growth with decay. The vaccines are mostly nano-bots with nano-particles of metals that the nano-bots use to slowly increase the level of neural-toxins until the weakest organ fails.
There is a chelater (called cholesyramine powder) which Dr. Madej discoved will allow the excretion of the nano-bot toxin rather than it's re-absorption back into the blood before re-absorption.

There is no immunity needed for a fake virus that the CDC never could find:
They push repetitive insanity into the heads of the non-Cult-sworn.

The NWO is the Freemasons rebuilding the Tower-Of-Babel to control the Brainchip hivemind and the

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JamesRoss 23 days ago

The vax is the tool for "separating the wheat from the chaff" in the eyes of the Mystery School Cult. This is written in the bible I think. But with them the wicked-wheat needs to be saved while the good chaff needs to be flushed away.

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