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The David Knight Show 28Oct21 - Unabridged

David Knight
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Published on 28 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics


2:03 Election issues: On the ballot, a TX constitutional amendment to block any shutdown of religious services — good or bad addition? NJ Gov campaign caught planning statewide mandates if elected.

14:34 Medical Board Tries to Take Doctor’s License for Opposing Mask Mandates While Maskless Biden Event is Ignored. Minnesota physician & state rep, Dr. Scott Jenson, running for Governor, is being investigated by licensing board him for 5th TIME for opposing lockdown and mask mandates. But WATCH Biden mulling about in huge, UNMASKED crowd, pressing the flesh

32:25 Marxist Takeover of Hungary Parallels America Today. 65 years after the failed Hungarian Revolt against the Marxists, the USA is experiencing a frightening parallel to how the Marxists took over the country at the beginning

48:32 Hitler VaccinePassports Show EU System Easily Hacked. As passports are being sold on the black market, passports for Adolf Hitler are used to mock the system’s vulnerability

1:23:36 Business groups are negotiating with OMB over OSHA rules for mandates — hidden from public view, no law, no transparency. They’d like to delay until after Christmas.

1:40:00 “Wealth Tax” Fails, But Why Do We “Need” ANY Income Tax. The nonsense about taxing “unrealized” capital gains is stopped — for now. But the annual gap between spending & taxes are so large, why are they pretending they need an income tax when they embrace MMT?

1:56:53 US govt is AGAIN trying to extradite Assange

2:06:12 INTERVIEW: US Freedom Flyers. Organizing to oppose vaccine mandates for all travel employees and passengers. Biden’s intention is to stop ALL travel for unvaxed

2:22:04 Mars Candy Ad Depicts Demonic Guardian of Transgender Boy. Corporations are not even trying to sell product — they’re selling the destruction of society so they can control you. Even Russia’s Putin & China’s Xi reject the LGBT agenda b/c they see what this degeneracy is doing to USA

2:48:00 PhD research chemist’s testimony about his wife’s Pfizer injury as volunteer in testing, pleading with FDA to NOT approve for children. (FDA covers up data about the injuries if they were injured badly enough that they couldn’t complete the trial)

2:54:43 COVID test swabs contaminated with severa

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