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The David Knight Show 27May22 - Unabridged

David Knight
David Knight - 324 Views
Published on 27 May 2022 / In News and Politics

* FDA head holds himself & agency blameless for baby food issue despite ignoring whistleblower & doing NOTHING for 4 months until children died
* Everything they told you about Uvalde shooting changes — radically
* WATCH: Film from 41 yrs ago EXACTLY lays out globalist actions for last 2 yrs and what they're doing now
* INTERVIEW: Eric Peters,, how California has made gas so expensive, farmers fight for the right to repair tractors (and cars), EV battery major shortage coming, and what's really wrong with school and how to fix it
* Radical abortion group called "Jane's Revenge" takes credit for church vandalism and makes threats of violence against churches businesses that support crisis pregnancy help
* Davos concludes with a final display of astounding hypocrisy & boasting about Covid being their most "profitable product"
* In an ominous sign, NHS in UK changes everything on their site about Monkeypox to create fear and support lockdown
* Who is Blake Masters and why has Peter Thiel given him $13.5 MILLION to run for Senate in AZ
* Biden says everyone who has AR-15 is a "sick". What about the guy who just terrorized a Norwegian town with bow and arrows, killing 5?
* Elon Musk weighs in on gun control

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partypoet66 1 month ago

hi would you like to hear somebody who shares your ideology
my name is Marcus and I'm a flat earther who started my own channel
I don't really harp on the fact of the shape of the planet but I discuss other topics
like,the elites that should not be came here in 1750
and the government is willing to buy you the house of your choice or a car of your choice and a whole lot of other stuff of your choice
just by filling out a tax form and it's perfectly legal
I'm serious it's just that easy
please go take a look and see what they're really hiding on you
if we don't organize the 20 or 30% that don't want the freaking vax .....we're headed towards a hopeless ending
and if you found anything of Interest or if you have any questions feel free to comment thank you

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