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The David Knight Show 24Jun2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 777 Views
Published on 24 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

* What McAfee on cybersecurity, privacy, the Deep State — and his "suicide"

* INTERVIEW: Marc Morano,, "Climate Lockdown" to lock-in the prison conditions of 2020 and takeover our food supply, especially meat. GOP leadership is "coming out" about being "green"

* Biden's radical appointments — he wants an "eco-terrorist" in charge of Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

* Media propaganda has so effective that it's credibility has gone UP. It's Stockholm Syndrome of those media held captive and captivated with fear

2:19 Bettina Ursula Brancato who did “Headline News with a Voice” as the pseudonym Nancy Morgan Hart has died. And we look at the “suicide” of John McAfee, why he was being extradited, what he revealed about IC and Deep State operations — and what he may reveal IN THE FUTURE

31:24 Biden Nominates Depopulation, Eco-Terrorist to BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Tracy Stone-Manning argued for China-style population in her thesis, demands property rights of ranchers/miners/loggers be removed, and appears to have be an eco-terrorist that turned govt informant. But is she a stalking horse Hegelian nominee?

40:11 Why is gun control guru Chipman’s ATF personnel file being withheld from public during confirmation? And Biden makes another pronouncement illustrating his total contempt for Bill of Rights

47:45 We CAN Stop Federal Gun Prohibition: State Marijuana Laws Show How. Reason is wrong. Nullification of immigration & gun laws are NOT the same. Nullification of UN Drug War rules for marijuana is how we protect gun rights.

50:46 Parents speaking against CRT & trans-toilets are silenced by school board then attacked by cops. Get your kids out then defund out-of-control schools AND cops like this

57:28 To defend decency in minority SCOTUS decision, Clarence Thomas invoked “loco parentis” principle for schools/students — perhaps THE most dangerous idea opposing parental rights

1:01:40 INTERVIEW Marc Morano, Do You Know Who is on YOUR Side in the “Climate Lockdown”? Marc talks about his testimony before a raucous Pennsylvania legislature and the “green” political climate. Does the GOP or Big Oil oppose the Green New Deal? No read meat for the base as GOP leadership has “come out” as Green.

1:36:47 Day 467 — what do sharks and tuna sandwiches tell us about the lockdown?

1:38:09 PCR? Junk Science vs Subway Tuna Junk Food

1:39:58 Church (building) held hostage on parole but pastors are still in jail in Canada.

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