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The David Knight Show 23Sep2021 - Unabridged

David Knight
David Knight - 602 Views
Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


6:04 Australian Govt Doubles Down, Escalates Censorship & Violence. Hell-bent on injecting people with “the precious” and destroying society

37:40 KFC Goes Underground: Welcome to 2020’s Prohibition.…harbinger of the destruction of supply lines and society

50:43 OCD schools require children to wear masks WHILE EATING; others are isolating unmasked kids or threatening to call “social services” and a marathon requires runners to wear masks, straight out of “Harrison Bergeron”

1:01:36 “Fear is Done”: Freedom in FL Crushes Dem Hopes. Florida is about to more registered Republicans than Democrats for the first time EVER. DeSantis’ new health official says “Fear is done." So why aren’t more Republicans pusher for MORE liberty?

1:15:50 Beginning of Underground, Parallel Society. Hidden farmer’s market and a pastor helping his church to grow food and grow self-reliance

1:29:46 Biden & Democrats want to spend $150 BILLION to destroy reliable natural gas & coal power plants while China is rapidly building them without ANY pollution controls

1:41:59 Plan to give motorists in UK 3,000 “free miles” then charge for every mile driven as FedEx begins autonomous truck tests in Texas to eliminate drivers in 2 years

1:55:48 UK approves puberty blocking drugs for children under 16 without parental approval. General Flynn was pushing transgenderism at DIA back in 2014.

1:59: The ludicrous “plan” Trump was pushing for Jan6

2:11:37 “Chimeric protein spike delivered through skin by nanoparticles”. Concerned scientists and whistleblower show Fauci’s partner, EcoHealth, working on “gain of function” that looks remarkably like the vaccine

2:26:25 FOIA reveals CDC’s funding and PR agenda for the movie “Contagion” released 10 yrs after 9/11 anthrax attacks and 10 yrs before the pandemic lockdown

2:51:04 Gun control in Virginia & NC, cryptocurrency control by SEC & Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

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shockleftmedia 30 days ago

You have acknowledged the fact that vaccines can be administered through the air. Now you can start your journey into the world of Lyndon BEE Johnson KKKIMTRAILZ. if you continue to hike upon this trail, you will uncover the Donald J. 5g60ghz Trump radiation individual prison monitoring system. The J. stands forJohn the brother of Fred Trump radiation who is linked to a KKK KonzPiracy theorem in Oklahoma around the time of Black Wallstreet. John Trump radiation is credited with the invention of the nano tube which you should look up if you really care. An other John G Trump has a patent on slicing vegetables. These are the Germanzwhite suPrimusYtz who were sanctioned by the pope to rule Englandstarting with king GEORGE I. They are hunting us with nano scale assassinz. Bear with the forked toungez. Snake bait. These persons are the products of an anti man agenda of eugenocYstz created by Alfred Milner, the Rhodez Scholaz and Milnaz KKKindegarten. They started the Empire press union based on KKK media, Albert Pike palladium lucifer luverz and Charles Darwin Throw in racist Frued and supreme white nephew Edward bernayz and stolen Nikola Tesla teKKK, we have completed a circuit around our dilemma..
The germanz have cloaked themselvez in a veil of invisibility and are carrying out the final solution. The swiss ancestors sanctioned this all. Count up all the germanz that are here in AmeriKKKa. Look what was accomplished as a result of the Conference of Berlin. Look at Burroughs WellKKKome trust. !NOT What is all this nonsense about? DUMB A$# !in+eelligenz spawned by British race patriot brown noserz worshipping mammon and abetting in human trafiKKKing George David Knight Rook c to e3 CHECKMATE

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shockleftmedia 30 days ago

Tried to post this commen in anotha vid. Was blocked.

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

Good exposure David...
The Freemasons shut down the cell-phone grid, but they kept the celdar and the brainchip-hivemind command-structure up and running for the thUgtopians. Here is a clip of celdar:
And here is a clip of how the hivemind bio-robots function if you don't already know:
Jeff Rense was also heterodyned:
You need to buy a scanner:

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

David I was informing Jones about the brainchip zombies, but he killed the blog with all my posts on planet infowars. So here is a post for you Dave:

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Bobbitchin 1 month ago

Why would they need their vote? Biden didnt.

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lquadland10 1 month ago

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

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