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The David Knight Show 22Jun2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 605 Views
Published on 22 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

* INTERVIEW: Eric Peters,, Biden's "Infrastructure" bill dwarfs the spending on Interstate Highway system but his purpose is to end private cars — gas & diesel engines first. And, cops bring out needles for those they suspect of driving while high

* CIA in Hollywood — new FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) information

* Young Swiss voters lead rejection of "Climate Lockdown" austerity measures

* Pelosi refuses, White House dodges questions on humanity of 15 week old baby — as child born at 16 weeks celebrates his 1st birthday

* FBI is simply organized crime

* Republicans oppose ending AUMF (Authorization of Use of Military Force) that is a declaration of unending war, foreign AND DOMESTIC

0:00 Pelosi & White House dodge question about killing 15 week old baby (Mississippi law to be tested) on 1st birthday of child who survived from 16 weeks. The ruthlessness of those in power, including SCOTUS, who will kill TENS OF MILLIONS to extend their power

13:06 Biden Administration DOJ called out for ignoring “Due Process” in MODEL RED FLAG legislation being sent to states. Here’s what’s in the proposed laws that the feds want states to enact

18:24 Eight year old FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act) sheds new light on CIA & Hollywood — specifically Ben Affleck & his movie “Argo”

24:02 Affleck’s former wife, Jennifer Garner, CIA ads and what it was like to film in Langley, the true seat of government

33:43 FBI sponsors 15 crimes a day as the federal government wreaks havoc domestically, not just abroad

44:11 GOP fights against ending Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). Forever war, everywhere — including in America

45:44 Ammon Bundy announces his candidacy for Governor of Idaho. You should listen to his 5 KEY ISSUES

55:21 INTERVIEW: Eric Peters,, Biden’s massive “infrastructure” move to get rid of gas/diesel cars (more spending than we had for creation of the interstate system) and more government NEEDLING — blood draws to determine if you’ve had marijuana in the last month. Used cars soar in value — new business opportunity for service and parts fabrication

1:34:34 “Academic” censors (so-called journalism professors) at Stanford, Harvard, Princeton — are bragging about destroying the reach of yours truly

1:39:49 IMPORTANT precedent to fight Employer Vaccine Mandates from EEOC

1:42:26 According to EU database (only 27 of 50 European countries) COVID jabs have killed 15,472 and injured 1.5 MILLION (half of them seriously). The story of the 13 yr old boy who died with heart issues a month after injection

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Abraham777 1 month ago

Thanks David for speaking the truth. The Bible is the primary Key, it’s not a man who calls himself the holy father..

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