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The David Knight Show 21June22 - Unabridged

David Knight
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Published on 21 Jun 2022 / In News and Politics

*Major escalation as landlocked Kaliningrad with 1 MILLION Russians, surrounded by Poland & Lithuania, will be cut off by Lithuania in violation of a 30 yr old treaty — on orders of EU (and NATO)
*China begins freezing bank accounts, creating bank runs. Chaos to usher in CBDC
*10,000 flights canceled over holiday weekend and major airlines cancelling routes because of pilot shortage. Did they all die suddenly?
*Does ex-Governor, ex-SEAL Greitens new "RINO Hunt" commercial help or hurt gun owners?
*As sanctions and energy shortages mount, Dutch join Austrians & Germans in TURNING BACK TO COAL
*"Green Murder" — the new religion of human sacrifice
*EU declares lithium (key component of EV batteries) a "reproductive toxin" as the world begins to wake up to the environmental impact of "green" tech
*Drag Queen warns heterosexual moms about what the Drag Scene is REALLY about
*Kindergarten drag teacher weeps as he recalls how he "came out" to 4 yr olds in class and how they "validated" his sexual fantasies
*Mainstream press tries to sell the idea that Texas had historically embraced gun control, LOL


Segment 1
* EU/NATO begin major escalation, cutting off 1 MILLION Russians in landlocked Kaliningrad, in violation of 30 yr old treaty
* Gray Eagle drones, 50 officers & generals killed and other Ukraine news

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:28:39
* Mainstream media tries to sell the idea that gun control is historical in Texas
* Clint Eastwood's take on "Red Flag" gun laws, done by the likes of "Little Bill"
* It's NOT a theory that innocent gunowners will be SWAT Teamed and killed — here's just one example
* PA Gov Wolfe brags that social media will be used to Red Flag gunowners
* Sen Cornyn, TX, gets hostile reception from TX Republican Party convention
* Teen released by judge in spite of "extensive history" of crime shot by victim carrying concealed as he attempted robbery with a stolen gun
* Greitens, former MO governor, former SEAL, "RINO Hunting" ad — does it harm the right to keep and bear arms?

Segment 3 begins approximately 01:15:39
* Listener's questions
* Biden's getting worried about the election consequences of his attack on energy — no letting up on supply attacks but have a "gas rebate card"
Idiot policy makers wonder why people still buy gas when they keep raising the price
* IEA (International Energy Agency) reverses itself on oil, now calling for MORE use of oil. But UN is undeterred, demands shut it down for "sustainability"
* Latvian people are begging for PERMITS to GATHER FIREWOOD as their country goes to war with the people over fuel
* Germans, Dutch, Austrians take off oil restrictions as Russia stops natural gas shipments
* Professor on the "green religion" and "green death" — there's NO SCIENCE, no data, no studies
* The moral issues of EV batteries — from slave labor of black children mining cobalt to lithium now classified by EU as a "reproductive toxin"
* Volvo Trucks is looking for alternative to battery operated 18 wheeler trucks as the current EV battery tech is not even close to becoming possible — HERE'S WHY EV Semis are far, far, far away if ever

Segment 4 begins approximately 02:07:05
* As we await SCOTUS decision, Planned Parenthood is already shutting their baby-killing facilities in several states
* Vouchers for private religious schools is being considered by SCOTUS. Here's one alternative they're not considering
* Kindergarten teacher, male, drag — "comes out" to his 4 yr old students and weeps about them validating his sexuality. Why don't we lock people up like this instead of paying them to teach children?
* EPA's ability to further cripple society is being considered by SCOTUS
* A self-described "conservative" Drag Queen warns "heterosexual women" what the drag scene is really about
* Amazon informs small town it will begin testing its drone delivery (likely to be given to it by govt as a monopoly)
* Mainstream media continues to push AI overlord fear mongering
* BoJo's operation, cartel shoot-out kills monkey in body armor, and other news

Segment 5 begins approximately 02:41:21
* 10,000 flights delayed or cancelled over the weekend. There's a pilot shortage but no one wants to talk about the REASON
* China Freezing Bank Accounts: Pay attention — western governments that copied China on lockdown will copy how its using bank runs to push people to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

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