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The David Knight Show 18Oct21 - Unabridged

David Knight
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Published on 18 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics


2:02 Pastors have been told to push the vaccine to their congregation by saying it’s “loving your neighbor”. But A woman raped on a train in Philadelphia why other passengers did NOTHING is a picture of society’s response to what Big Govt, Big Pharma and Big Hospital are doing

12:59 Defiance Rises Against Vaccine Terrorism. It is not hyperbole — it IS terrorism. But in California 40% of state workers are NOT vaxed (48% of highway patrol). California parents & teachers revolt. Every branch of the military has a lawsuit against Biden dictates.

19:00 Fed Contractor Mandate? How Biden is Gaming the Mandate. The words “vaccine” and “vaccination” are NOT in Biden’s Exec Order for federal contractors. Here’s what he’s doing…

23:29 Police stand up to Lori Lightfoot in Chicago. Judge issues gag order on police union leader. His response — I’m RUNNING for MAYOR

34:58 Chicago Sun Times taunts & mocks the 50% of cops in Chicago who refuse to get vaxed. A campaign of hateful vilification of all unvaxed people by the “media"

41:50 Military Archbishop supports religious exemptions — individual conscience is MORE IMPORTANT than official church leader policy. Here’s a sample religious exemption letter from a pastor underscoring that our religious beliefs and conscience are NEVER to be judged by government or employers

56:38 Deputy Secretary of the Treasury (#2 guy) says this “transition” to a new economy requires “EVERYONE” in America and “EVERYONE” around the world be vaccinated. He’s quoting Bill Gates’ IA2030

1:00:50 Good news as vax mandates hit courts. Two judges, one in CA & one in NY, put temporary restraining orders on mandates

1:28:39 Biden’s Exec Order for Federal CONTRACTORS does NOT mention “vaccines” or “vaccination”. This is his devious scheme for pushing mandates on private federal contractors

1:44:04 Kamala Harris cuts PSA that’s played in black churches to support McAuliffe. Partisan conservatives are outraged. But the outrage is the so-called “Johnson Amendment”, the unconstitutional attempt to restrict free speech in churches that LBJ got into the tax code decades ago

1:51:12 Military sample letter for religious exemption.

1:53:47 Mark of the Beast. What do we do with this? Will it be obvious? Will it be subtle? Is this it?

2:11:03 Supply Chains of SLAVERY: California Ports Work Stoppage. Why are ships stacking up at ports? Trucks are waiting for DAYS to get product taken off the ships. It’s deliberate. Here’s what’s going on…

2:30:25 Blackouts This Winter from Greenwash Corruption. An engineered energy crisis. Beginning of GreatReset austerity and grid blackout. Biden doubles down on destroying ALL coal generation of power (even though it could be clean).

2:43:36 Unvaxed Barred from Getting Food in Supermarkets. Tyranny & discrimination continue to escalate

2:51:54 Starving Afghan Parents Sell Daughter into Slavery. Will YOU Do the Same? Would YOU sell your children to survive? This is NOT a hypothetical question. Now is the time to DECIDE. Now is the time to ACT

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