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The David Knight Show 18May2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 1,425 Views
Published on 18 May 2021 / In News and Politics

INTERVIEW: Gard Goldsmith, creator of "College Unbound" series — a free online class exposing the secrets of Marxism at

An American STASI — massive military industrial complex of SECRET identities to fight “domestic terrorists”, aka conservatives

Cuomo makes a KILLING with pandemic. In spite of nursing home deaths he is given $5M for book about pandemic leadership

SCOTUS will decide when life begins, again and it unanimously rules against Biden on seizing guns w/o search warrant

Follow the money — Biden decides NOT to overrule IP patents/profits for #BigPharma vaccines for “humanitarian emergency” reasons

A third pastor arrested in Canada as a specific warrant has been used now as a general warrant to arrest anyone in a group of more than 6

Topics by time-code:
1:56 American STASI: At Least 60,000 Strong Secret Army in USA. The Military Industrial Complex goes dark & deep with fake identities to spy on Americans domestically — as Feds say the greatest threat to USA is “domestic extremists”, their political enemies

18:46 Newsom Was Ready to Use Military Jets Against Protestors. Another indication of US politicians’ willingness to use military against its own citizens — LA Times reports Air National Guard members complain about Newsom’s plan to intimidate protestors with low pass flyovers of military jets (as they’ve done in Iraq & Afghanistan) — but COVID protestors didn’t show up.

30:34 Cuomo makes a KILLING off his “pandemic leadership” with a book deal about his expertise despite 15,000 dying in nursing homes. Used his staff to shield him from investigation and to “help” write the book

40:48 Homeschooling Doubles — Black Homeschooling is 5X’s More Post-Lockdown. It’s safer, but there are other factors that make it far superior…

46:57 Fauci is saying HIS pandemic shows America is racist. Rand criticizes Fauci over masks as totally unnecessary for children who have no risk. So why doesn’t Rand criticize VACCINES for children — since they have no risk from COVID?

51:30 A 3rd Christian pastor arrested in Canada as pro-Palestinian protestors are unmolested by police as they gather by the thousands — and get violent

54:41 Rio’s “Christ the Redeemer” statue lit up with “Vaccines Save” message — kind of what Franklin Graham is doing with his relentless vaccine promotion

56:16 Chelsea Handler loses hearing in one ear from vaccine. But just before the “approved for experimental use” vaccine is halted, an 18 yr old girl is in serious condition with 3 blood clots in her lungs from the vaccine

1:02:52 INTERVIEW: Gard Goldsmith — The Dirty Secrets of Marxism. If you want to understand the goals of the current restructuring of society, you need to understand the philosophy and tactics of Marxism. Gard Goldsmith joins — the creator of "College Unbound" series — a free online class exposing the secrets of Marxism at

1:40:39 Unanimous repudiation of Biden by Supreme Court and an abortion case is on the docket — but SCOTUS is NOT Supreme: We Must STOP Judicial Supremacy

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Warren West
Warren West 4 months ago

No stigma on me.

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BastiatsBeasts 4 months ago

You might want to work on your google SEO. The David Knight Show is not appearing on the first page when you do a google search. Or maybe Google is blocking you. I can find your site easily on Duck Duck Go.

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