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The David Knight Show 15Sep2021 - Part 1 of 2

David Knight
David Knight - 521 Views
Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


2:00 Banks Want YOU On an Allowance: “Personal Carbon Allowance”. NY state sets a deadline to BAN all gasoline/diesel cars & trucks while banks, MasterCard, medical societies and UN want to put you on a “Personal Carbon Allowance” and shut down all activity & spending at an arbitrary limit

16:07 Prosecution witness against former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveniently dies under suspicious circumstances

28:40 California Sheriff resists jab mandates but London Police Chief wants ALL encryption to end saying since 9/11 the terrorist enemy has changed from Islamists to “extreme right-wing”

33:03 UK and Australia move to jab 12+ without parental consent as NY pressures students by banning unjabbed from ALL activities

41:41 DeSantis wins in court to stop schools from masking kids without parental permission. Biden Administration threatens attack using unconstitutional Dept of Education

1:02:53 Soylent Genes: FDA Buys Baby Heads and Organs to Test Jabs. How much does Fauci & the FDA pay for a baby’s head? A heart? A kidney? FOIA request reveals the grisly trade in murder for hire. A look at the evil “science” and transhumanist chimera behind cannibal medicine used by #BigPharma for the genetic code injections.

1:12:03 Navy Football coach fired over religious objections to jabs. He has a MUCH brighter future than anyone realizes

1:23:31 Judge BLOCKS NY Jab Mandate for Health Workers. VICTORY! Judge blocks NY state from mandating jabs against health professionals for religious objections. Several important aspects to this decision.

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