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The David Knight Show 14Sep2021 - Part 1 of 2

David Knight
David Knight - 542 Views
Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


2:02 Don’t Take the Bait — Don’t Fight THEIR Fight. How to resist, without being chumps — and win. Opinions from Tom Luongo, Doug Wilson & me, on how, when and where to fight

36:50 The 1905 Supreme Court case they tell you authorizes vaccine mandates — does NOT. But it was used for other horrible SCOTUS decisions.

40:43 WATCH: lifeguard on Australian beach barks “pandemic” orders — is TOTALLY ignored. This is one approach

43:20 An example of good resistance — done in the WRONG place

45:01 Title: Nurses Forum: Why They Quitting and Deception in the Hospitals. Why isn’t mainstream media curious about WHY “front-line” nurses would rather resign than play Russian Roulette? What have they seen with vaccine adverse effects and why, if it’s a medical emergency, are they waiting ANOTHER 2-3 MONTHS before forcing vaccines?

57:33 Australian community wants to be a center of mandate-resistance and use local magistrates to create an island of freedom

1:06:38 WATCH: Mainstream media interview of Anglican bishop shows why appeasement will NEVER work.

1:11:01 Organizations that can help you resist. Whether its religious or medical exemptions, exemptions for natural immunity or fighting testing mandates — here are resources to help each situation

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Boetie 7 days ago

I have noticed that many times here that we cannot leave a comment. Is it intentionnal from your part or this service is censuring ?

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