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The David Knight Show 14Jan22 - Unabridged

David Knight
David Knight - 953 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

Hr 1 Seg 1:
* Judicial Supremacy & Biden Blackmail
* Unlike Solomon they actually cut the baby (the Constitution) in half, killing liberty
* What self-interested calculations were likely involved

Seg 2: begins approximately 00:20:32
* What was their supposed justification for continuing blackmail of medical employees?
* Even the conservative dissenting opinion got it wrong. They argued that Congress had to delegate power to bureaucracy to mandate vaccines. But NO ONE in federal govt has that power to begin with.
* Kavanaugh and his “stakeholder” disregard for employees

Seg 3: begins approximately 00:42:20
* The "patchwork" of regulations argument for feds to usurp power from state and local government.
* HOPE TO STOP ALL BLACKMAIL MANDATES: Corminaty lawsuit over "approval" versus "authorization" will be allowed to pursue discovery over the fraudulent FDA "approval"

Seg 4: begins approximately 00:58:09
* Governments around the world are labelling their people terrorists if they criticize government's draconian action
* Insurrection? VIDEO of Gretchen Whitmer leading and bragging about an invasion of the Michigan state capital. She used it to propel herself to being governor.
* A look at the rare charge of “sedition” in American history
* FBI use of a supposed secure app, Signal, to spy

Seg 5: begins approximately 01:40:18
* Darren Beattie has been pushing that Stewart Rhodes is a fed informant and the proof was, he wasn’t arrested.
* Maybe the independent Trump press should watch Clint Eastwood's "Richard Jewel" and stop accusing people
* Biden is being mocked even by Washington Post for saying he was arrested as a teen during the Civil Rights movement of the '60s
* Democrats want to "freeze the status quo" of their majority by federalizing elections. But Ballot Access in Georgia is an example of THE election issue that neither party wants changed. If you don't have open ballots and debates, the election is rigged from the start.

Seg 6: begins approximately 02:00:13
INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente,, 2022 trends: financial, geopolitical, technological

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