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The David Knight Show 13Sep2021 - Part 1 of 2

David Knight
David Knight - 595 Views
Published on 13 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


2:00 Woman steals brains cryogenically held for “resurrection”. So much for eternal life. And who stole Biden’s brain? More importantly, how mind-numbingly stupid is the Biden “braintrust” that runs his regime?

11:43 Book burnings at 30 different schools in Canada — in a celebration of “diversity”. And, renewable energy mandates are burning down our power generation capabilities

16:12 Military Court Rules “Bump Stock” NOT a Machine Gun. But Trump used the fiction to do gun control by Executive Order, and Biden is happy to use the precedent

24:27 Is the UK stopping vaccine passports or is it a head fake? It may not be required but are corporations prohibited from blocking entrance to their businesses or events? Are corporations able to fire employees for not getting jabbed?

39:39 No Jabs for “Members”: It’s a Club, You Ain’t In It. A political caste system. Hillary “deplorables", Trump “non-essentials” are now the “unemployables” — unvaxed are untouchables EXCEPT for Congress, congressional staffers & judiciary. More to come they brag, including NO FLY rules for unjabbed

55:32 Spreading Fear Instead of Gospel. Southern Baptist Missions Board mandates jab for ALL missionaries AND their families (age 16 and up). Do they realize the precedent they’re setting for religious persecution AND preparing for the Beast system?

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Boetie 8 days ago

Trump is a traitor.

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