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The David Knight Show 13Apr2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 1,732 Views
Published on 13 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

INTERVIEW: GoatTree — DeepDotWeb, Cyber Polygon, DARPA implants, Neuralink, Electroceuticals

DavidKnightShow YouTube channel cancelled — like DAVOS says, FreeSpeech is an existential threat to THEM

Will they call us Coincidence Theorists? Immediate adverse reactions in 4 states, closing vax centers, dismissed as “coincidences”, “heat”, “fear of needles” — vaccines: the leading cause of “coincidences”

The media’s nonsense narrative of “Breakthrough cases”

State 10th Amendment efforts to stop ENDLESS foreign wars

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Crash45 28 days ago

stay tough david. this shit is affecting all of us. At least the diapermania isn't everywhere in texas. it sure is up in the northeast. these dumbasses wear it ALL DAY! in my town there's a lot less of them since biden was in office, but college kids here are gone lol. they wear it like a badge of honor and give you that dumb NPC face when you don't mimic them

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PaulVMontefusco 28 days ago

The Fugs' CIA Man deserves another listen.

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bookshop 29 days ago

shrunk american life expectancy

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bookshop 29 days ago

hunter "smarties" technology pentagon pedochip

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