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The David Knight Show 11May2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 1,123 Views
Published on 11 May 2021 / In News and Politics

INTERVIEW: GoatTree — Pipeline Ransomware attack; Who’s behind it? What did they do? How you can protect yourself, your business

Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) attacks, confirmed now by White House, are NOT sonic attacks; they raise health concerns about 5G

Baylor official and MD asks Texas Senate why there’s NO therapeutics or standards for care after one year; why no early intervention

Sacrificing our children to the false idol of “herd immunity”

CDC’s VAERS: more deaths from COVID vaccines in 4 MONTHS than deaths from ALL other vaccines for the past 20 YEARS COMBINED

1:52 Jail Guards Keep Pastor in Prison After Judge Releases. When the government rebels and becomes anarchists — Canada has serious issues as Islamic Mayor of Calgary says lockdown protests are just “white supremacy”

18:29 Canadian College threatened with expulsion for attending OUTDOOR Rodeo while in Texas, 73,000 attend an INDOOR boxing event — it’s politics, not pandemic

23:54 Is Fauci killing people? Baylor official, an MD, asks why there’s NO therapeutic allowed for COVID that’s easily treated unless neglected

31:42 Bette Middler’s tweet about vaccine mandates with a peanut butter allergy analogy makes the point she didn’t intend

33:50 Sacrificing Children to the Idol of “Herd Immunity”

43:16 159,000 COVID Vaccine Injuries in 4 MONTHS! 18% of ALL Injuries in Past 31 YEARS COMBINED

48:02 Chaplain Bullied, Reported as “Terrorist” by LGBT Mob. He still believes he must avoid offending them. THEY don’t play by THEIR rules as the new curriculum is designed to “smash heteronormativity”

57:54 Take Your Vaccine AND Your Psychedelic Drugs. Psychiatry is now embracing psychedelics. It’s “medication time” at the Cuckoo’s Nest

1:03:05 INTERVIEW: GoatTree — Continental Pipeline Ransomware. 45% of east coast fuel shut down by cyberattack. Who’s behind it? What did they do? How you can protect yourself and your business

1:34:29 Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Attacks and 5G. Don’t call them “sonic attacks”. It’s the Frey Effect. Different electromagnetic frequencies have different biological effects on humans.

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Disagree with your view on the use of hallucinogens. Along with counseling, it has proven to be REMARKABLY effective in treating PTSD.
Besides this scientific evidence of the efficacy of hallucinogens, government shouldn't be telling people what they can and can't be using anyway!
I've only ever had 1 combat flashback but I can most certainly understand why someone would do anything to stop them if the moment you are sent back in time is the exact moment your best friend died! My experience was no where near that devastating but, as I said, I most certainly understand what they would be going through.

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Warren West
Warren West 1 month ago

Citizen's Agents Drunk Canucks,lost with no respect for a lost,or no boarder.IT'S time to act NOW!!!

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