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The David Knight Show 11Jun2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 893 Views
Published on 11 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente,, coming global hyperinflation

Teen heart injuries explode, CDC will do an “emergency” meeting — NEXT WEEK? Here’s what you need to know

Teens are being pressured, enticed to take the Trump experimental injection and in some jurisdictions children are allowed to get the jab WITHOUT PARENTAL APPROVAL OR KNOWLEDGE

Medical marijuana lawsuit exposes WHO globalist control of Drug War and the legal fiction created by the federal government

Resignations at FDA as the agency recommends Alzheimer drug that advisory committee unanimously rejected — corruption & cronyism

New novel & undetectable vaccine delivery methods developed by research industrial complex

1:08 Teen Vaccine Crisis. CDC admits teens getting heart disease is an emergency, over 800 cases, but doesn’t plan to even meet about it until next week. Is it ONLY teens? No, it just can’t be explained as a coincidence with them.

14:36 In spite of no risk from virus and serious risk from injection — massive pressure is being put on teens to get jabbed. Returning West Point cadets face solitary confinement, something that was NOT done to those who tested positive before

22:49 Canadian teens arrested for warning elementary students (who can consent to the jab w/o parental approval or even knowledge)

32:57 FDA’s Open Corruption. 3 of 11 scientists resign in protest over FDA approval of Alzheimer drug

39:31 WHO is Behind the Unconstitutional War on Drugs. The fight to get marijuana removed as Schedule 1 drug (meaning NO medical use even though 2/3 of states have approved medical marijuana) shows that the federal government has enshrined the UN and the WHO as its masters

50:49 NO CONSENT: Vaccination by Virus or Nanoparticles. Time released micro-needles. Here’s what they’ve already developed “to protect you”

1:00:14 INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente — Repo Madness Resumes, Massive Inflation Coming. The fed has flooded banks with so much money that they can’t absorb it. Money markets don’t want it either so Fed takes it back and says it was all according to plan.

1:31:01 Employer mandates listeners’ reports, tracking employee hand washing with QR codes and lies from the New York Times

1:40:14 Advice for Those Being Coerced by Employers to Get Jab. And the lies of the New York Times about “employer mandates” exposed

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Warren West
Warren West 2 months ago

Health care is now death care, wake up sheeple.

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Warren West
Warren West 2 months ago

where do my comments go?

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Warren West
Warren West 2 months ago


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Crash45 2 months ago

remember it's not the vaccine causing the myocarditis, in bizarro world it's the virus is getting worse!!! lol be on the lookout for the words "delta variant" because that's already being reported in other countries. so side effects mean worsening virus.

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