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The David Knight Show - 10/03/2022

David Knight
David Knight - 167 Views
Published on 03 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

* A REAL hero, in a REAL emergency, celebrated then fired by Biden for not getting the jab
* Blood on their hands — criminal persecution of journalist whistleblower exposes key members of the Biden Administration in murder-for-hire conspiracy and cover-up
* Six big steps towards World War 3 in just one week. A rapid acceleration
* Musk's AI Day: the phony demonstration has a VERY DISTURBING message and purpose
* Cyborg Cockroach shows the elites' plan for humanity
* FDA's latest cover-up of autopsies shows they knew what they were doing and will double down to protect themselves
* BigPharma Bonanza: even the companies that didn't produce an mRNA genetic code injection will share in the bonanza of profits coming from the health crisis it unleashed
* Veggie Tales characters are furious that Biden's first ever "ambassador to plants" was given to the wife of White House Chief of Staff instead of to a real vegetable (in the literal sense)

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