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The David Knight Show 1/6/2021 - Full Show

David Knight
David Knight - 2,644 Views
Published on 06 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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2:09 Opportunity to stop corruption squandered yet again as Senate control is lost w GA elections. Republicans WANT #GreatReset to go FASTER — here’s what they’re doing & not doing to turn over control

12:26 Why was message about an attack on Congress sent to air traffic controllers? Why was it sent to NY instead of DC? A harbinger of a false flag? Prelude to war or an excuse for restrictive measures? Why are NATO & BBC renewing propaganda claims about the “Syrian chemical weapons” attack in 2018?

41:03 Georgia Senate election “by the numbers”; Chip Roy (R-TX) says “cold Civil War will go hot” if GA loss. Pennsylvania Republicans refuse to seat controversial “winner”, throw Lt Gov out of the chair

50:31 What CAN Pence do and more importantly what WILL Pence do and WHY? Are there competing slates of electors from state legislatures or did the legislatures do nothing?

1:08:18 After Pence has run the White House COVID response alongside Fauci, do you expect he will defend Trump — or YOU? Why are we focused on Washington, White House, Trump or Pence for help? Our families, communities, churches are what we fight for and we don’t need their permission and won’t get their help

1:15:46 More troubling information about NY indefinite detention over SUSPICION of COVID: Held for up to 60 days, on the accusation of any “delegee” of the Governor, and other troubling aspects of this Stalinesque approach

1:24:30 The mental illness of society epitomized by New York Times declaring the team that refused to play to be national champions BECAUSE they refused to play

1:26:57 Time to start thinking about underground church, underground markets and underground communities. Here are the rules…

1:45:40 If you don’t stand up for liberty, eventually they come for YOU. Here’s how that’s now playing out for Trump as he faces threats at Mar-A-Lago and international travel restrictions

1:50:49 Biden brags $2,000 if Democrats win in GA. So, the check is in the mail along with the election. Here’s there’s NO SUCH THING AS STIMULUS and why it will destroy us

1:56:56 US Treasury, OCC, largest banking regulator gives new guidance to allow banks & institutions to use crypto — not Bitcoin but Treasury’s preferred crypto.

2:04:45 Adverse effects of COVID vaccine are already 50 TIMES higher than flu (the previous vaccine with the most adverse effects). Here’s why it’s even worse than they’re saying

2:15:07 France has only 500 people out of 67 MILLION who took the vaccine. South Carolina legislators offer a bill to STOP DISCRIMINATION against those who choose NOT to get vaccinated for any reason

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madsci3ntist 15 days ago

You don't have to use the UGETube app. You can just play the video in the mobile browser (on Android at least). Simply play it and hit the round home button. Then, pull down your notifications and you will see the video name with a play button. Hit play, and you can then do whatever you want with your device while the video plays as audio. That should work with video from any of these websites.

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Abraham777 15 days ago

I miss David’s intro music from bannedvideo.com hey I’m just happy to see you back on. God bless

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Slapstick 16 days ago

FINALLY I FOUND YOU! Missed you David. I got this link from BitChute

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SolarKings 16 days ago

We love you David. Get back with Alex. He's a bully from the pulpit. Be the bigger man. This is not the time for splits. We must be strong.

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lodo4 16 days ago

Knights the Best!

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