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The David Knight Show 1/12/2021 - Part 1 of 2

David Knight
David Knight - 336 Views
Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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00:00 Bitcoin Bubble or Fiat Currency Bubble? Will hyperinflation be the product of central planning and trillions in debt?

6:08 Biden pledges to “Defeat the NRA”. He has a long history of anti-2A legislation as well as anti-freedom Patriot Act and mass incarceration of War on Drugs.

15:48 Day 306 of America Held Hostage and guess who’s calling for end to lockdown? Cuomo. Here’s what’s behind that.

23:02 Some small businesses got $1 in PPP “aid” for lockdown as UK floats the idea that people may be banned from leaving their homes more than once per week

37:42 Look at what is happening in the UK, UK Government is mounting a ban on Britons even leaving the house more than once per week.

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Bob314sa 3 days ago

Hi David. For some reason I can't see this video. Says "...restricted or doesn't exist."

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Henind44 3 days ago

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