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The Cult of Lucifer

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 1,033 Views
Published on 05 Mar 2021 / In Film and Animation

Ancient Civilizations, Central Bankers, Globalists, New World Order, Religion & Spiritual Practice, Transhumanism

‘The Cult of Lucifer’, narrated by Sacha Stone is the first of four movies being produced by Robert David Steele and funded by individual donors to expose the connection between election fraud; corrupt and controlled legislators, judges, and executives; Wall Street treason and crime with government complicity; and Satanic pedophilia, a major source of both Wall Street profit and Wall Street depravity.

“Every government on Earth is thus owned by and indenture to their national reserve bank, which in turn is owned by and indentured to the central banking cartel, consolidated through the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the IMF, IFC, World Bank, Bank of England and then ultimately, the Vatican Bank.

From: forbiddenknowledgetv

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