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The Critics of The Bakersfield Doctors Are Guilty of Loser Think

The Resistance 1776
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Published on 29 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Loser Think vs Pervasive Think

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

The Twilight of the Madness

As I watch the world hide from ACTIVE SHOOTERS, and the People SHELTER IN PLACE from this WAR OF THE WORLDS with these Aliens from Outer Space known as The Code Word (COVID19) from PROJECT BLUE BEAM where lights, and sounds, and “moving photographs” keep the masses in A State of Suspended Animation, I have been going to YouTUBE pages and being the FIRST one there, and many times, these YouTube Pages will have hundreds of “Likes” too Thousands of comments, and they have only been present for 3 seconds.?.?.?.? How can a YouTUBE page with no VIEWS have Thousands of Comments and [Thousands of Likes] if no HUMAN EYES have yet to preview that material.?.?.? Then I remembered that {Likes and Comments} +=+ can be done by A.I. Bots, and so I chose to Open some COMMENTS and low and behold, there was no REPLIES!!!!

This whole world we live in is PURGATORY……..., and A VIDEO GAME known as The Purgatorium where from RICHIE FROM BOSTON to “Truth Stream Media” to even The Cobert Report…….., they do not use the “Legal Words” of SEDITION nor High Treason that can be used in a COURT OF LAW when these “2D FLAGS” of the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges FAKE SPACE……., Fake Medical Malfeasance…..., and even as it has been “well documented” that we NONMASON U.S. CITIZENS “do not elect” anyone from Presidents to Governors to the local Town Hall BEAT ME UP C.O.P.S., and in this “Treachery” where these FREE MASON Control ALL MEDIA in this 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act….., it does “surprise” me that not one YOU Tubber Truth Seeker has the Capacity to speak the TRUTH.?.?.?…, Nor follow the Narrow Path of Christ Jesus that demands HONESTY>/>/>/.., and if they will not say: Our U.S. FLAG Belongs to The NEW WORLD ORDER., and that we Citizens need to do MITIGATION “of statementing” this is HIGH TREASON, then even Richie From Boston (is only part of) [{**}] the NEW NORMAL PROGRAMMING!!!

So I thought, I will go see what LISA HAVEN /_\ of Alex Jones was saying???, and yeah, she says There are 3 Phases / * \ to Returning too School, but NOT ONE OF THESE People whom “covered up” that the 911 Attacks were actually [done by] [{*}] these FREE MASON Lodges whoms’ Houses of S.A.T.A.N. are all “Them Dancing” Hospital Workers.?.?.?, and all Them “Clapping People” on The TV AMTRIX, and then you {begin to see} +=+ that EVERYONE on YouTUBE is also a Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls – Eastern Star, and the reason NO ONE on any YouTUBE Channel will not say: The U.S. FLAG is this ACT OF 1871 “Global Citizens” WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of JADE HELM 15 is because Their YouTUBE Channels are all talk talk talk, so you “will accept” FORCED Vaccinations……., and these U.N. FLAGS are Bombing places like ITALY and South Africa with Cuban and Russian Troops while NATO and the USA “take out” the Caribbean Islands and Venezuela as none of these REPORTS show up in any media…...…

If you are able to read this writ, then “watch” for your FAVORITE YouTube Pages, and when the Bell says NEW CONTENT, you be the First one there….., and Count THE VIEWS, then the Likes, and then Review “The Comments” and do tell me.?.?.? Are Them Comments REAL PEOPLE, or just Chatter Bots creating the Illusion and Delusion that “Millions of People” Subscribe to that Channel.?.?.?.? Moreover, if you have half a brain, and you know “what the words” High Treason, Treachery, and SEDITION mean in a Court of LAW, then ask yourself this??????? Are these YouTube ALEX JONES Types “Purposely” NOT saying them Words of {Take them to COURT} and Sue the U.S. Military and Government of These FREE MASON Lodges for Treason, and Sedition, and Treachery as they ARE All doing the PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING “to make you” ACCEPT this New NORMAL my Tax Paying “nonmason” Citizens, so we will ACCEPT 24/7 Digital Tracking of our lives.?.?.?.? For if you have been MESMERIZED by these [Incubus and Succubus] whom feed off our Human Desires….., then they will say ANY THING to “make you” watch them, but they will “never say” these word about YOUR (Exclusionary) Governments!!!

Johnny Exodice


You can give me all the Knowledge in The World, but if you give me NO WAY to “Remedy” This WORLD DOMINATION PLOT in a Court of Law, so I can SUE MY GOVERNMENT for High Treason, Treachery, and SEDITION, then you are “only doing” the same OBJECTIVES as them whom RULE OVER US “by statementing” there is nothing we can do but Accept THE NEW WORLD ODER called “Mitigation” of ALL Your Human Rights!!!

The Society of nonmason~



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