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The Cooking of Humanity with 5G -- Dr. Barrie Trower interviewed by Deborah Travares

JamesRoss - 827 Views
Published on 25 Apr 2021 / In Health

What you will realize is that Travares and Trower do not expose the highly organized network of pathetic thUgs who are rising their NWO, fake-Utopia.

Travares warns about the secret, silent war being conducted against you. But she does not tell you that the war is organized by the Mystery School Cult that Dr. Sean Hross calls "The Pharohs."

To gain the best understanding of the Mystery School everyone needs to study the Mystery Babylon Radio Series.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Trower seems out of the loop by regecting that the Cult cannot hide their futuristic technology like the brainchip hivemind.
Trower is wrong by saying Universities are not complicitly working as Cult disinformationists.
Trower Claims that one person is in control... The Freemasons are all complicit above the blue-lodgers. The Blue lodge is were good-natured Cult-members are held back within if they don't seem capable of wickedness.

Trower also seems to hide the "brotherhood of the Light" maybe on purpose... Another Judas Goat? Very possible.

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