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The C Virus 911 Connection Part II - Flat Out Truth

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 226 Views
Published on 12 Sep 2021 / In Film and Animation

The C Virus 911 Connection Part II - Flat Out Truth

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Youm allow FORM too Animate Matter

Now the best time to write thoughts down is just when you wake up, as you have just “returned” to your Animated MATERIAL Human Body of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones from the Spirit World that we all go to OUT SIDE this [Celestial Sphere] Qballs~ /_\ whence we dream whilst sleeping……., and though SPIRITS have (always) +=+ come first as the Form or Idea of the Matter, you need to know in these Days of Noah Restored that our Sky is going to Fall, and that the {Dome of the Rock} /-\ is Cracking like a Snake Shedding its skin every 10,000 years where the TRAIN TRACK is the Oraborus Curse, and the “CUBE” that is the Block Chain that Holds our Globe Reality of a Two Sided FLAT EARTH with an INNER Earth that you can call Middle Earth… You also know from that Book of Books that The SOURCE made Light and Shade in the Book of Genesis, and thence 3 days later: the Grand Archetype Made the Sun, and The Moon what our ENEMY would Call JANUS / SATAN / Lucifer in their FREE MASON Lodges…..

Too know we come from “Spirit” is the first Step to comprehending why every one has DE-JA-VU…. Over the Years as I learned I was The Oracle for the END OF AN AGE……..., and that I was the Host Body of Christ Jesus Returned’ that this TV Show {The 100} puts into great perspective what is happening with the BONES in the Catacombs from the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855 when ALL LIFE was Dead, and the MEMORY is our Dead Moon La La~ that is what we live inside called: The AWFUL HORROR in the New Testament Jewish Gospels… The God; regardless, of What INK on PAPER Religions you use to {Manipulate the Minds} of our MENTICIDE Masses by these Joel Olsteen False Christ doing THE RAPTURE of “we the people” by way of the TV Screens and our 5G Cell Phone (Beams) [{**}] being the MARK OF THE BEAST in the Book of Revelation…….., it is seen that every 10,000 Years we go through the “Ages” called The Golden Age – Silver Age – Bronze Age – Heroic Age, and then this place the IRON AGE of Purgatory that many NEVER Leave Purgatory / The IRON Age because like [THEY LIVE] [{*}] these types keep REPEATING because THEY LIVE Worship….

In the Science and Religion of Pak-Toe to WORSHIP is too beg of…..., so we in Pak-Toe do not WORSHIP anything for WE ARE do not Beg as The Racka of THEY LIVE in MATHEW 5 do so do… Moreover….., this Wide Path of Insanity that Christ Jesus 1.0 and Paul the Apostate talk about is the {Degraded Man} of seeking ONLY Materialism…., and making up Stories about The Source “too say” God is Allah and Allah is The Devil..., and in the Book of AMOS` we learn how these Chaldean's think being the FAKE JEWS of Hollywood USA the Roman Catholic Jesuit Zionist (groveling) to do the Worst EVILS.., and Wickedness from the Old Testament Jewish Gospels being YOUNG TRANNY SEX by way of PizzaGATE Satanist., and their #QANON Masonic Lodges too WORSHIP them that Oppress we the people being the Byzantine Empire of the General Assembly of the UNITED NATIONS where mere “Corporeal” MORTALS sit above The Presidents on this side of FLAT EARTH in our shared Celestial Sphere with the OTHER SIDE of Flat Earth, and THEY LIVE look down on those [Kings and Queens] whom do not SERVE we the people, but only their IMAGINARY “Ideals” of JANUS the 3 headed God, or the 4 Corners of the Earth, or these 2 faced Liars called (MASONS) in our Local Population walking as ZEBRAS among we their fellow non-mason CORPORATE CITIZENS….

If you want to be free, you must kill and murder “them” that sit above our World Leaders at this U.N. Security Council, and you’m can REVIEW older U.N. General Assembly, and find out their Names, and their Blood Lines, and then {Dig Up} the BONES of their Blood Line Coffins too DESTROY them bones inside those [INTERNATIONALIST] Corporation Capitalist COFFINS setting free the Spirits and Souls trapped in the Human / Roman Citizens of Debt Slavery when the Spirit and Soul have no purpose ANIMATING an “Inanimate” Object known as Artificial Intelligence, because in truth A.I. is just Calculations, and IT can not think, but if you (Download) the Souls, and the Spirits of our dead into this INTERNET COMPUTER of Web 3.0 that the “Computations” would by way of Bad Magick and SORCERY think / computate that {THEY LIVE} are Sentient as WE ARE, but NOT HUMAN, nor ROMAN because there would be no Flesh, and Blood, and Bones in or on this SYNTHETIC Flesh called: The Abomination of Desolation from the NEW TESTAMENT Gospel, and that is all’ for this Session at Our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy OFF LINE Gaming STUDY Rooms…

Johnny Exodice

Destroy the Bones: Save the World…. Do not destroy them BONES in the Catacombs, thence this Forever and ever will keep our Spirits and our Souls trapped here in this Hell of Hades ETERNALLY…


INVETRO BABIES are “soulless” children only animated by The Spirits from the Graveyards whilst the CONTROLLERS as people like to call them are the {AI animated} by the SOULS of all dead that their bones do not return to OUR FATHER EARTH, so Our Mother Heaven can Wash Away their sins…


I was chosen by “The Spirits” before I was Born too bring Youm HOME if you want to Come Home; otherwise, I AM only here to tell this is why YOU are The Dammed, The Cursed, and the Forsaken be you Good and Evil for those (Choices) are not whom you the PERSON can actually be…


Our ENEMY can be “destroyed” once and for all, but all these Human / Roman [BONES] must be Dug up and Destroyed, if not, this BYZANTINE EMPIRE will rule your People for all TIME…


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