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The BIG Lie About Common Drugs & Fetal Cell Lines

David Knight
David Knight - 200 Views
Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

A media campaign to convince those with ethical concerns about the vaccine that it’s nothing unusual and common medicines like aspirin & ibuprofen were developed using aborted babies. The lie is easily debunked.

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GEDF 25 days ago

Please add the important links for us; I searched Life Site, and only found the original article that was posted, not the correction of information. I myself serched high and low, but could not come up with independent data that backed up the original story regarding Conway Regional Health System CEO, other than a Catholic site, . When I tried to follow the main source for the article, a supposed Dr., her Twitter account did not exist. That is when I began to suspicion true , strategically planted misinformation. Also, along with over the counter meds, some of the prescription meds supposedly tested on HEK-293, WERE IVERMECTIN and HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE. Thank you for the research you came up with, as it is very helpful to all of us who stand strong against products of abortion.

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