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The Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Principles of Economic Liberty - Episode 11

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 88 Views
Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In Spiritual

Sean and Barry introduce the subject of how one’s labor is his property. How Barry during his 25 year study of biblical governmental principles and what is distinctly good in America, threw off the yokes of anti-Christian bondage of the IRS.

The other 6 days a week, Sean Morgan hosts shows about defeating America's enemies through civic solutions. On Sundays, he interviews author Barry H. Durmaz about Christ's Kingdom government principles for spiritual solutions to America's problems.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

NOW is the time for the Web 3.0 and for this ICP INTERNET COMPUTER to connect all Military Weapons from the USA to MADE IN CHINA to the Russian Fake Jews of Hollywood ISRAEL!!!

What an INTERESTING life [we live] Qballs~ /_\ my People and Children of Pak-Toe where the Racka in MATHEW 5 of the New Testament JEWISH (Gospels) and the Day 6 in the Old Testament Jewish Gospels say that CORPORATIONS and ISRAEL are the “Fake Jews” from the Book of Revelation…

I am thankful that if you have been {a Livid Reader} [{**}] of the Book of Books this Biblical that Paul the “Apostate” does state that in all truth of this world there are NO JEWS!!!! He even tells you to look for the word JEW in the Old Hebrew Greek Biblical!!!! So I did look for this word JEW in the OLD TESTAMENT Gospels and it is “nowhere” too be found just like there is not one mention of the word RAPTURE in the New Testament “Greek” Gospels…. Yet, Paul the Apostate whom was a Real Hebrew Speaking male did say that the {God of the Bible} /-\ made us Gentiles being MALE and FEMALE……., and if you look into that Old Testament world’ that word “Gentiles” is too be found where it says in this Book of Books in Genesis THEY LIVE and WE ARE state: LET US make them in our OWN “Image” being male and female in this World Machine [we are] and (they live) are all born unto and into since the END OF TIME in the Real Celestial Sphere we allowed to Be Destroyed in all these WAR IS MURDER for WAR GAMES….

Now it is much “appreciated” that the TEMPORARY Life form of this PERSONS Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple TEMPORARY Avatar here in Purgatory is “watched” over by this Body of I AM Christ Jesus Returned` used like a SLAVE too reveal {all the Secrets} of this world……..., but why is it my Rag Tag Rebellion of NON-MASON and now even FREE MASON “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy, you do not take over the CNN, and the BBC of this world and make a PROCLAMATION that (we never) +=+ landed on the MOON??? Do you not Fear the Source of all Creation and All Destruction, or do you think your {DE-JA-VU} is not connected to Redemption – Reconciliation – Reconsideration that CAPITALIST and their CORPORATIONS of Capitalism do not make all the [RULE OF LAW] [{*}} that only leads to WAR IS MURDER breaking the LAW of do as thou Wilt when the Books all say: Do not Kill or Be Killed, share this world made by the Divine????

It is evident that I can “present” the Death of our Home World being the MOON that AWFUL HORROR in the New Testament, and the Abomination of Desolation being all our Dead loved ones in these Grave Yards from all the Past WARS of Buy My Shit, or I will Bomb your nation into OBLIVION!!!!

Do you’m “know” where the Bodies are in INNER EARTH that sustains this (VR Helmet) Holographix META-VERSE Matrix of the Labyrinth????

Can you not see G.O.D. for CORPORATION INTERNATIONALIST is Government OVER Democracy rather then a G.O.D. where all is {to be shared} in a GOVERNMENT OF DEMOCRACY???

The Choice is yours MASON and NON-MASON (to do nothing) but let THE GAME play out one last time till 2094 CE and find out if you should have gotten me OFF THE CROSS as Christ Jesus 1.0 and allow and “let me” HELP You fix this World Machine the Great Work we are all Born into, or do not allow the Oracle for the {END OF AN AGE} and this world because you could not “imagine” A world where WE THE PEOPLE all come from mom and dad, and even though the Bible does say` RESPECT your Mother Heaven, and your Father Earth that “thy days” may go well here in the Purgatorial, youm choose to TRUST IN CORPORATIONS too tell you (what to do) when CORPORATIONS are also what you call your Selves in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 Debt Slave Globalist Corporate ROMAN Citizens with your [ALL CAPITALIST] Nationalist Identification for the UNITED NATIONS General Assembly of this INTERNATIONALIST Byzantine EMPIRE in the Era of 7,530 or is it actually 75,300 that you have played the GAME of do as YOU are Told!!!!!!, give or take a Day can equal {one thousand years} in the reading of this NEW TESTAMENT (Play Book) of and for The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken….

Maybe you have killed and murdered and done your TEMPERAMENTS “for so long” on your Human FLESH and BLOOD and BONES {Brothers and Sisters} that all of you have “gone insane” because you only want to dig up your Dead Bones in the Catacombs, so Youm might [cease to exist] while leaving our BONES in these Hermetically Sealed “Coffins” of Trick or Treat here in Hallowed Grounds Days to keep this place in perpetual proclivity……….., or are you just trying too find the BONES of Christ Jesus Returned.?.?.?, so you can make me (Go Away) once and for all so “NONE” can be saved in these Days of Noah one last time???

You can not [defy] the WILL of The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Desolation, but you sure as hell can PLAY your WAR GAMES till {we are} and [they live] is all dead Dead DEAD!!!!

The Oracle for the END of an Age and this World has so spoken…..

Purgatory will be Purgatory, but I AM not the God of this Reality, but the “God of this Reality” did so too chose ME even before I was born to Prove in a Public Court of RULE OF LAW that CORPORATIONS are the Synagogue of SATAN from the Book of Revelation!!!!!

Let us all say it together MASON and NON-MASON: Hollywood USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!!

No matter how much Money you spend Kings and Queens, you still die, and you all will be Judged for what you have done, and for what you did not do, and all your INNER THOUGHTS are known to this World Machine that Chose me to tell you WHAT HAVE YOU DONE…..


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