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The Beast And The Kabbalah

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 28 Nov 2022 / In Spiritual

The Devil will set up the Antichrist as a dictator over the world but then this Beast will be assassinated only to be resurrected by Satan. Does that sound familiar? It should if you know the story of Jesus.

The Book of Revelation is difficult to understand if you don’t know the origin of the Kabbalah and its end game. King Solomon organized the Kabbalistic system and the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel spoke against this false religion and its grip on the people of Israel.

The Kabbalistic and Masonic writings refer to King Solomon as the developer of the Kabbalah, corroborating the biblical account of a man with a Kabbalistic number of 666. This is why Jesus identified the Antichrist system as the number of a man.

Renegade Jews have been faithfully working for the last 3,000 years to create a political/religious system built on banking and commerce from which their false messiah can rule the world. The Bible emphatically states that the Beast is going to be Jewish, he will rule out of Jerusalem, claim the new temple as his own, and rule the earth for a season.
Sermon Outline:

RLJ-1739 -- JANUARY 19, 2020
THE MARK OF THE BEAST Part 2: The Beast And The Kabbalah

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