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The Balenciaga Rabbit Hole: It's Way Worse Than You Think

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Published on 08 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Balenciaga is being cancelled, and for good reason. Let's explore the sick, twisted rabbit hole exposing the brand to be supportive of the worst things imaginable.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

Haven't seen her in awhile - was booted off YT for calling out pedos & educating ppl in the comment section abt cv - + long, in depth Fauci history sht AT THE VERY BEGINNING... (YouTube is good for nothing anymore except Bigfoot stories & tiny home / Vanlife vids,.)

UGETube & Rumble (even thought R censors), occasionally Bitchute, Brighteon, etc. But YT? why?

She looks good, getting unrecognizable. Hope she stops with the plastic surgery - the lips are too big. When ppl's features begin to look cartoonish, it's time to stop.
Examples - Kardashian, Lisa Rhinna, MJ, those 2 Russian guy twins, Kenny Rogers, Joan Rivers, etc.
Leave your lips alone now. You are perfect; if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it!
Other than that, same good, logical, sensible, intelligent, well spoken BW.

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